an update & a little video

We had Dad’s “Care Plan” meeting on Tuesday.  Basically we learned that Dad has two weeks of rehab left and then his care status will become “long term care”. Our only good option at this time is for him to continue on at the Towers. We covet your prayers as we enter into this phase.

There hasn’t been any big change with Dad. He still has his ups and downs. At times he is restless and not responsive. Other times he is calm and interactive. Some days he eats poorly and other days he does fairly well. I think this lack of a “normal” is what can be wearing. Once he is finished with rehab, we hope there will be more of a daily routine, which will be good for Dad and for Mom and me.

We so need your continued prayers:

  • Dad’s healing – either by God’s restorative touch here on earth or by His mercy in taking him home
  • the caregivers – patience, compassion, gentleness and understanding of his needs
  • Mom and I – strength, wisdom, patience, managing of our other responsibilities/time
  • God’s provision for Dad’s care
  • ministry to Dad’s caregivers… that our lives will make them want to know Jesus or encourage them in their walk with Him.

Last August we had a Celebration Dinner for my parents. I created a Photo Book documenting their 10 years of work among the Wayana Indians in Suriname. Recently we sent a copy of that book to the village where my parents lived and ministered. Klasien, the nurse who was working in the village when we were there, is back down there for a year.  She videotaped the Wayanas looking at the book and graciously sent the video to us on a thumb drive. Some of them greeted Mom and Dad.  Yesterday I took my laptop to the Towers and showed Dad the video. 


At first we weren’t really sure he knew what was going on. But then he started talking in Wayana. Sounded like he was talking to them, greeting them. Thought you would like a peek.

This is Olokwi, one of the church elders (shown in the photo he is looking at) that Dad helped train and disciple. He has also been diagnosed with Parkinsons.

This clip is of Melijah and her children. Melijah was the first baby Mom and Dad delivered in the jungle. 

Here’s a little more if you’re interested…

5 thoughts on “an update & a little video

  1. Dear ones,

    I am so touched by the photos, video and updates. I continue to lift all of you up in prayer. Mary Ellen


  2. What a wonderful blessing for you folks to enjoy seeing some of their spiritual children…fruit of their faithful labor!


  3. Mark, Ruthi, & Evy;
    I am reliving a lot of memories of when Mom had Parkinsons & Altzheimers: the uncertainties, the caregivers, nurses, freinds, family, prayer warriors, God’s provisions, on & on , similar to what you are all going through with Art. Please know we are with you in our thoughts, prayers, & concerns. Pictures are such wonderful memories of days gone by. What a joy they provide. Thanks for sharing them & also Art’s Bible notes. They are precious. What a full life Art & Evy, you have lived serving the Lord. Thanks for being a part of our earthly & heavenly family. Wish we were there in person to help.
    Dad & Mom (Sylvia) De Jong


  4. Ruthie,
    Just viewed these videos. I remember your dad like the photo at the top of your post. Thank you for sharing this. Seeing the Wayanas reminded me so much of the Trios. Do you connnect with Walt and Marge Jackson and their family? Walt is really remembering his time in Suriname.


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