post 100

I suppose if I were a real blogger I would write something creative or witty or inspirational or wise.

But since I am not, we will just go with this…

Since post #1…

I turned fifty.

My friend Kim and I did a 120+ mile Bike Ride for the Homeless.

We adopted a cute little puppy who is now a handsome 65 lb. and growing dog.


 We learned to trust God on a new level.

We opened our hearts to baby boy jacobs who will be arriving in May.

Filling in all around those big things were the small every day things that make up the fabric of our lives. Things like family dinners, friendships, pain and confusion, joy and laughter, hugs from God, books, music, a church without walls, encouragement, love, dog training, budgets, stress, learning to be still, peace, contentment, simplfying, projects, giving, receiving, ugliness, beauty, growth, discovery, fear, security and so on.  Sometimes I ask myself why I blog. Sometimes I want to write a post and have nothing to say. But then I have to go back here. And remind myself that this place called “ruthi’s reflections” is just a place to gather my scattered thoughts.

The fact that you find time to stop by is a gift. I am thankful for the time you have taken to type out a few words in the form of comments. Words that encourage the soul and add warmth and meaning to my scattered thoughts.

I have some  ideas for the next 100 posts. We will have to see if  life and my ideas get along.

Thank you my friends. You have encouraged me.

12 thoughts on “post 100

  1. You have encouraged me too Ruthi. I don’t comment much, but I read daily. You’re a feed on my homepage! Thank you for sharing your heart with the world. I am often awed by your creativity (something I have in short supply) and the graciousness with which you see each day. Much love and prayer and I’m looking forward to the next 100. 🙂 Gloria


  2. Congrats on the 50th anniversary of your birth! Life’s journey will continue to bring you joys and challenges! I find that holding on to the Lord’s hand, no matter how fast the world seems to be spinning, keeps me as grounded as my mind, body and spirit will allow. We’re “way past” fifty and still counting, sometimes missing the count… and your family continue to be a blessing to all around you! Thanks for sharing and caring!

    God’s plans continue to blossom through you and your family.
    Know we keep you all in our hearts and prayers.

    Blessings, Darlene and Mike Bodnar, Tampa


    1. Nancy! so nice to hear from you here. And so happy that you find benefit in visiting here.
      And I love your blog. You are such an artist! I will visit often.
      thanks for commenting!


  3. Hi Ruthie – Just wanted to tell you how much I injoy your thoughts and the encouragement I get from your blog. I check often for word about your Mom and Dad, and then get lovely messages, besides, that I always benefit from in so many ways. We are in a place here, where we do not have close friends, or family anywhere us, so I always look forward to hearing what is in your heart that day. I sometimes hear a bit of Art in the way you phrase your thoughts. Russ and I have so much love and respect for your Mom and Dad. God has used them many times in our lives to teach us His truths, and many happy memories of our Christian lives are results of our visits with them. So, all of that to say Thanks so much for sharing your time and thoughts with us. God Bless You, Ruthie! Sharon Kovac


    1. Sharon – thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that you visit here and are encouraged. Thank you for your prayers for our family.


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