Montreal… walks and races

Two weeks ago I tagged along with Mark and two of his friends, on a birthday trip to Montreal. A longtime dream of Mark’s has been to go to Montreal and attend the Formula One Grand Prix. I personally don’t really get too excited about loud cars and gas fumes, but I do love to travel and will always say yes, even before I think about it. (Don’t tell Mark, but I actually found myself wishing I had my own race ticket.) So off we went to the north, totally loving the break from our Florida heat.

We found Montreal overflowing with the 300,000 race fans than descended on the city, bringing with them super-charged energy. If you like to people watch, there was no short supply. If you appreciate cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, you would find yourself drooling at every corner. If you enjoy good food, like smoked meats, french pastries, and amazing cafe au laits, you would not be disappointed. If you happen to be one of the millions of soccer fans, this was a great place to be on the opening day of the World Cup.

While Mark and his friends wore earplugs and inhaled gas fumes, I enjoyed two days of exploring the city by myself, either on foot or a bike, with camera in tow, often finding myself surprised by the friendliness of the people on the street and how much English was spoken. I was in heaven… no schedule, my camera, and lots of great architecture, flowers and people. Here is just a sampling… finally!






Thanks to Dr Z for taking these race photos!

The world is a great book of which they,

who never stir from home,

read only a page.

~ Augustine

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