an opportunity to serve

Two years ago in April, I was part of a Medical Missions Team to here…

led by a compassionate man, Dr. Shamsey.

And no, I do not have any medical training, other than having watched/helped my parents deliver babies, suture wounds and minister to a village of South American Indians who had come down with chicken pox and malaria. But I wanted to go and do SOMETHING!

So I went…

willing to do whatever… anything that the team needed me to do.

They put me in charge of “crowd control”. I made sure people stayed in line and waited their turn. And I don’t speak Spanish. Talked about being out of my element!

I did have the blessing of helping with some hands-on ministry.

I so admire those who are doctors and nurses.

Even giving these precious children a beanie baby, is an act of love.

The Dominican Republic is full of beautiful people in need of  God’s message of hope.

So I am grateful that God has called me again to go this November. And I am so very excited that my husband will also be part of our team. Neither one of us have a specific role, but we know God will put us to work.

Mark will be meeting with the elders of a local church in Santiago that we have a relationship with. They are in the process of building a new church building. The old one was destroyed by termites. In April 2009, Mark and I went  down to the DR with friends, Al & Kitty, to meet  with the elders of the church to discuss their building project. It has been exciting to see God provide for them as they move forward. We look forward to seeing the prgress made so far.

We are grateful for this opportunity to serve.

The dates of our trip is Nov 13-20. (yikes! that’s 4 weeks!)

We would so appreciate your prayers for us and the others on our team. We need: a prayer covering, good health, a servant’s heart, the finances to cover our expenses, and protection of family, business and property while we are away.

If you would like to come alongside of us on this trip, we  have been asked to bring: beanie babies, children’s and infant clothes, vitamins (kids chewables and adult daily), and monies for medicines and bibles. Just post a comment or email me if you are intersted in helping.

The other day, I was dropping some things off at a consignment shop and there was a woman ahead of me who was doing the same. She had some beanie babies that the shop did not want to accept. I bravely mentioned to the woman that I was going on a medical mission trip and one of the things we were asked to bring was beanie babies. She gladly filled my arms with her beanie babies, saying she was happy to contribute to God’s work.  How cool is that?!

Just wanted to share with you what lies ahead.

3 thoughts on “an opportunity to serve

  1. Oh, how I would love to be going with you as my heart lies with missions but
    my physical condition at the moment does not permit it. (My knee implant
    is breaking apart, falling and has already made a stress fracture in the tibia.)
    I finally found a dr. who will take me for repairs to the bone (graft, maybe)
    and new implant. However, the first surgery date he has open is after the first
    of the year so I’m pretty much immobile and staying home. But, I can pray
    for you all and the mission as you embark on being the feet of Jesus in that
    place and making such an overwhelming change in the lives of those who
    become believers. To God be the Glory for the things He will do!


  2. What a love in that last photo. Wonderful gift of Beanie babies. I would say I’m envious, but I’m really not. My get up and go has sort of “got up and went.” I will pray for you. Bill mentioned I might want to come in January when it is cooler and there are baseball playoffs…so that is in the back of my mind for now.


  3. Thanks for sharing Ruthi, I would love to join you in the future. I will be praying for you and the team. What a blessing to be able to go and help out.


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