happy birthday Dad!

Today you turn 80!

This is your second birthday since you’ve been at the Towers.

I am so grateful for the care you receive there and of course Mom, is always there for you… making sure you are loved and cared for in a way that you deserve.

How wonderful it is that you have been able to spend time with Jaxson, your great-grandson. There were times when we did not think that would happen!

So today we are celebrating you… a life that has touched many with the love of Jesus Christ.

Happy Birthday Dad!

I love you

6 thoughts on “happy birthday Dad!

  1. oh my ! ..
    zooooom and another year is past …
    many life changes and additions in the last year !!
    many blessings .. much joy .. and much relying on the Lord !!!
    happy birthday my brother/friend/and spiritual father !!!


  2. Thank you for the lovely pictures and words. Now that I’ve stopped tearing
    up I can say how much I appreciate being able to keep up with your
    folks through you. Your mom’s countenance is absolutely beautiful; what a
    joy she is to everyone. It makes me sad to see the once robust man I remember
    raking my yard overflowing with leaves so weak and helpless. We know it is
    in God’s plan for his life and I’m am ever so grateful that he is getting such
    good care. Please greet them for me.


  3. Thanks, Ruthi, for sharing your dad with us. I am so glad that he has all of you caring for him, and I’m especially glad that Jaxson has been able to be there to bring joy to all.


  4. Happy, blessed, precious birthday, every day of the year! And may our precious Savior bless your beautiful smile as you continue to plant seeds for Him in still beautiful ways! Thank you for your gift of your life for His life, your love to share His love, your sacrifices for His sacrifice! We love you!


  5. Just went to the blog….wow 80 years young – HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD WARRIOR – our love and prayers Charlie & Norma Jean


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