thinking of blessings

what a beautiful cool day it was

 i am thankful for the everyday blessings that God gives us…

the dramatic sky on our drive across the state last week

arriving home to find my “bougies” in full bloom… gold, orange and pink

spending a week with this little guy

remember the tree that dropped all those nuts? well now it is shedding it’s leaves, giving us autumn in Florida 🙂

celebrating Dad’s 80th birthday

with family

who are loving and kind

recognizing the gift of another year with Dad

reconnecting with a couple friends this week after feeling so disconnected for weeks

a wonderful evening with close-like-family friends in front of  a fire

the ability to create and share with others (be sure to come back tomorrow)

the joy and sunshine Veroncia gives to our family

the friends and family who have given beanie babies, children’s clothes, formula, etc for the people of the Dominican Republic. THANK YOU!

inspiring people who give us something to think about and remind us that we ALL are living a story.

Let’s make it a good one!

4 thoughts on “thinking of blessings

  1. I am not sure that you know us (Al & Daisy Ortiz), but I (Al) did get to know your dad and was ministered to a bunch of times. To see the pictures was not very joyful for me because I did not know him the way he appears today. I know that I am also going to be older and who, but God, knows what I will look like. I have read some of your blogs (I have missed a few) and I think it is good for you and for his friends. Anyway, I just wanted to pray for him and did, and then felt like sending you this comment. May God bless you all and I have held him in highly among my Christian missionaries. God bless you and yours and especially your MOM!
    Al Ortiz


  2. thank you for you faithfulness in sharing ..
    both with your words and your photography ..
    blessings on a sunday !!


  3. Thanks for sharing Ruthi! I will be sure to show the kids the photo of the beanies – so they will realize where they went. Please get a few shots of you giving them out to the children in the DR if you can – so they realize the light sharing your blessings can bring to those in need.
    Love you!


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