and then there were three

As promised here are photos of the grands from the past three months.

So much love.

So much joy.

So much life lived.

Our hearts know that aside from the gift of salvation, these moments are the only gifts we need.

Thank you  for loving us. For praying for us. For encouraging us.

Today I am off to take Mom on a road trip to meet her great-granddaughter and namesake, Evelyn!

As my friend Missy told me a few days ago… may your week be filled with deep breaths, blue skies, and moments to just BE with the One Who loves you.

16 thoughts on “and then there were three

  1. Ruthie, thanks for the picture of that precious little gift from God..i don’t know if anyone else could see what i saw in that picture but, oh my, i saw Art Yohner…how beautiful Pat


    1. Pat, did you click on the photo of Evelyn? It will start a slideshow of the “grand trio” – all 3 of our grandchildren 🙂 And yes, I see Dad in Evelyn as well.


  2. beautiful ~~ beautiful ~~ beautiful ~~
    praying that you are able to enjoy your next few days as each moment unfolds ~~
    blessings upon blessings ~~
    ~~ love & prayers from your sister/friend j


  3. Love the photos! I have to agree that there is a twinkle of Art in Evelyn’s face. I wish you could get a picture of jaxson, amber, & mark’s faces all lined up close & laughing, because I think they all share something quite similar too! What a gorgeous, photo-worthy bunch you are!


  4. Mrs.Ruthi,Nice to meet you.
    I am a Japanese woman.

    I love your blog.

    What a beautiful photograph slideshow!
    Babies are so cute! and sweet!
    It is a happy feeling:)

    I sent an email the other day.
    Please read if possible…
    If you read, I feel glad.


    1. Sorry,A sentence had a mistake.
      I correct it.

      × Please read if possible…

      ◎ Please read if not annoying.

      English expression is difficult……I’m terribly sorry.


  5. Ruthi,

    The pictures are just incredible! And the music….I loved it all! Oh, I know you are enjoying every minute with these precious treasures!


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