a dream

looked through old photos today… found this one dated 1968 of my grandfather… he and my grandmother took a trip to his homeland, Bern, Switzerland. Something about this photo speaks to me… I printed it out and put it where I see it often. Someday I hope God makes a way for me to go visit the roots I share with my father. {miss you Dad}

13 thoughts on “a dream

  1. Pray you will be able to take a “roots” trip soon. Heather and I went to northern Scotland to my grandparent’s home a few years ago and it was so fulfilling. Miss your blogs but know you are in a
    very busy time of life…enjoy! It goes so fast. Greet your mom for me. Love, Barb


    1. oooh! northern Scotland sounds beautiful! I miss this place (blog) too. Hope to get back to it soon. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Beautiful picture…love it! Nice to see a really cool old picture not an instagram wannabe…although instagram is fun. I hope you are able to go back to your roots someday too!


  3. It is a wonderful photo. I hope you and Mark can travel to Switzerland one day where you can enjoy exploring your roots and take some photos to share.


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