orchids for your weekend

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“Back so soon!”, you say? Just learning to go with the flow and not concern myself with the order of things or with catching up.

I just love orchids! Don’t you? Several years back my neighbor moved to NC and gave me his orchids. Some have since passed, several still remain faithful. But this started my love affair with these amazing plants. What other plant can you totally ignore (or so it seems) and then they produce such a magnificent show of beauty?! Mom and I took an orchidĀ care class at a local orchid farm once, but it was way too complicated for me. Seriously, I do very little with my dozen or so orchids. They sit on my porch where they enjoy morning sunlight or hang on a shepherd’s crook under the white bird of paradise that provides some filtered shade. When I remember, I spray them with the hose or plop a couple of ice cubes on them. Occasionally I will give them a good soaking in a bucket and feed them some orchid food. That’s it. Once they begin to bloom I bring them inside where we enjoy God’s artistry.

orchids orchids orchids orchids

Have a lovely weekend. Be kind. To yourself. And those who God brings across your path.

5 thoughts on “orchids for your weekend

  1. Ruth, we’ve never met , even though it seems as I know you & your Mother. Your precious father impacted our lives several times as he ministered to our congreation here in New Orleans. He left a lasting impression that his ‘art-isms ‘ are quoted often by my husband in his sermons. The last contact we had with him was after Hurricane Katrina hit our area…he called to check on us & our church family . He lives on in the thousands of lives he touched ….. Thanks to you & your mom for sharing him with us .
    ….. Your orchids are beautiful , ENJOY


    1. Velma – thanks so much for taking the time to say hello and share how Dad touched your life. He is greatly missed.


  2. because you live where you can keep orchids. we get sunflowers. My favorite was Bird of Paradise. Can’t grow those either.I fianlly have a species of hydrangea i can grow here.


  3. I love orchids too!! You have captured their beauty for us to enjoy! Glad you are smelling the roses (Orchids). Love you, Mom


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