gather hope

God has been answering alot of  prayers lately.

Answering them in ways that give me hope.

I am thankful for that.

Some days hope is hard to find.

Today God reminded me of this verse.

I especially like how the Message translates it.

I want to share it with you, along with this beautiful photograph Amber took.

Look at the amazing light and the gorgeous bokeh!

God’s words and the photo just seem to go together…

God is good. Always.

~ gather hope ~

4 thoughts on “gather hope

  1. Ruthi,
    Thanks for sharing this simple but so profound truth. You have such talent for illustrations and making them hit home! Your family is in my prayers. Give your mom & dad a special hug from the Ely Family. Thanks.



  2. The picture is beautiful and so is the verse. Amber is also a good photographer. It must run in the family.


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