January 2018 UPDATE

Here we are again at the beginning of another year with hopes of keeping this space active. In 2009 it was a place to gather my thoughts, then a place to share updates on my Dad who left this earth in 2011. One month after I made the previous update to this page, my husband was critically injured in Africa and we used this space to document and share that journey. And then silence. The past four years have been full, hard, and good. It’s been difficult to find the words, time, and courage to share here. But we begin once again.

December 2017 – our greatest joy!


UPDATED January 2014
Much has changed since I created this “family” page. From July 2009 – December 2011, we used this blog to keep friends and family up to date on my Dad. After two and a half years of saying good-bye, Jesus finally called Dad Home. We miss him terribly, but our hope and comfort is in knowing we will be reunited again one day. God has blessed us and added four beautiful grandchildren to our family since 2010. They bring such joy and laughter into our lives. Mom is currently writing her memoirs and we are thankful to live within blocks of each other.


Ruthi’s parents…
Art and Evy Yohner ~ lifetime missionaries ~
Art & Evy Yohner ~ lifetime missionaries
Dad has been living with Parkinsonism, but began rapidly declining to the point where Mom could no longer care for him at home. So on July 4th, 2009, our family had to make one of the hardest decisions we have ever made. He was admitted to the hospital and then transferred to a skilled nursing facility where he is currently being cared for.

We have used this blog as a way to share our journey with the many friends and family that love them and are praying for them. Each post that relates to Mom and Dad is listed under Categories as my parents

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  1. I had the great honor of meeting your father while at my parents house where he stayed while speaking at Cornerstone Bible Church in Montgomery, AL. Lost contact about your dad since both my parents homegoing, but glad to hear about this site and lift your family before the throne of grace. I know that was not an easy decision for your family, but the Lord will help you accept that as best for each of you.


  2. So thankful for your blog, Ruthi. Our thoughts and prayers are for Art & Evy everyday. Many fond memories of their ministry here back in, I think, the early ’90’s. That was at Rogers Heights Christian Ref. Church.


  3. Dear Ruthi,

    We have never met you but know your parents very well. We are originally from Grenada and succeeded Art Harms as the first national pastor of the Evangelical Churches there. We knew your Dad from then but became well acquainted with both your parents after we moved to Miami and served in the Wolrteam US office.

    We had lost contact with your parents, but last night Dean Franklin sent us the link to you blog. Thank you for the latest update especially of your Dad. Words could hardly describe how we feel about his declining health, but now we know what is happening, we can pray more effectively for him and the family. We still have fond memories of them and of their many years of service in Suriname.

    Thanks also for the update of the family. But how are you and your Mom doing? Please know that you are in our prayers and kindly convey our greetings to them.

    Love in Christ

    Henson & Lyris Archibald (Telephone: 305-235-5968).


    1. Henson & Lyris ~ it’s always amazing how small this world really is when we feel connected to so many in different places. Thank you for your kind note and prayers for our family.


  4. Just wanted to say that I want to thank your parents for reaching out to our family when we lived in Trinidad. Your dad was the one that presented Trinity College to my dad (Ramdehal Dooknie) and was able to get my sisters and I into Trinity College with scholarships. I am deeply grateful to him for paving the way for us to attend school.
    I was able to spend a little time at your parents home during my stay at school. That was a blessing. Your parents are great motivators and loved encouraging young and old to pursue their educational goals.
    We are now in GA and pray very often for your parents. Please give them our love – we are encouraged to hear about them anytime.


  5. Ruthi,

    Your dad and mom have been such an encouragment over the years that Jan and I have had the priviledge of knowing them. I think of your father’s creativity, wit and depth almost every Sunday that I stand up to speak at our church. He has had a great impact on my life and ministry and we continue to pray for their love and His plan during this time. Thank you for sharing these glimpses into their lives. I miss their newsletters ;-P

    Pat & Jan (Brower) Jones
    Beacon Community Church
    New Port Richey , Florida


  6. Ruthi and family, A very special Thank You for this blog you have been writing. It is an encouragement to me because my parents’ health has been declining greatly in the past year. My father, Wendel D. Lilly went to Trinity when I was a baby. My mother, Ellie Lilly worked along side my father as he was a Pastor at churches in St. Petersburg, Florida. They both have fond memories of Trinity and may even know your parents. My mother started with cancer in the year 2001. In 2000, she had a brain tumor that was benign and left her with a complete right facial droop. In 2007, she was found to have cancer in other parts of her body. She has been taking chemo and radiation over the years. She was even working doing small jobs for Gulfcoast Oncology while receiving treatment by the wonderful caregivers there. Then in November, she became very sick from the side effects of the chemo and had other medical complications from it. She went into a Rehab/Nursing Home for 2 1/2 weeks, then I brought her back to her home(across the street from where I live). Then she developed other complications and was hospitalized and then came home again. I have Hospice involved with her and they are the most wonderful caregivers as well. She started Chemo (a different type) again and has been doing pretty well. Gulfcoast and her other doctors keep a close eye on her. My Dad has had Alzheimers for a few years and he is at home as well. My 2 brothers and my 14 yr. old son have been a tremendous help in caring for them. We are blessed with wonderful neighbors that love my parents deeply. I keep things as routine as possible and have changed my work days so that I can take them to their Senior Get together at Northside Baptist Church on Thursday am. I take them to their Dr. appts., treatments, therapy,etc. Hospice comes in 3 times a week to help in their care. My parents have been shown so much love from family and friends. I have been shown much encouragement from each and everyone person involved in caring for my parents. I am an RN that works at Bayfront Medical Center caring for all types of Neuro patients. I have been here for 22 years and I love it. I hope to start a blog like yours that shares with others our family and the great heritage my parents have given us. I miss my father in so many ways, but the times that I help put him to bed or just do the simplest of things for him has come to mean so much. My mother is a fighter and I don’t know just how long their time will be to be with us on earth. But what a promise we have to know that we will be able to see them again in Heaven. Great is God’s faithfulness to me.


  7. So sorry to hear about Art’s declining health. My husband, Don and I have so many wonderful memories of you and your Mom and Dad. Please know that our prayers are with you all at this time. Tell me where your Dad is so in case we get down that way, we could stop by.


  8. Dear Ruthi, I have just read your mother’s letter to you and have tears
    streaming down my face as I write to thank you for allowing us to read that
    beautiful letter from a strong and faithful follower of Christ and caretaker of
    your father who was such an adamant preacher of Christ for so many years.
    Those of us who have had the privilege of knowing Art and Evy for many,
    many years continue to be thankful for their ministry and pray for them as
    God leads them through these final years here on earth. We don’t understand
    God’s plans for these years but we can say with surety that we wait with
    thanksgiving during this final race. With deep gratitude for sharing your
    mother with us.


  9. Hi Ruthi,

    It’s a very long time ago we saw each other. You was a child/teenager when I arrived in Surinam. After 25 years I really wanted to go back to see the indians again. Now I am going every year for six weeks to do little projects and helping and encourage them in a world that is changing rapidly for them. All these past years I’ve gotten your parents letter and the encouraging word they send with the letter. One of these words helped me in a difficult time. ‘With Jesus I can handle this day’. (freely translated) Yes for sure that’s true, it helped me several times. Thanks for the last letter of exclamation. I am home when I read your mom’s story! It is a difficult time for you all to see your husband/father and not be able to communicate with him. For sure the Lord translate it for him somehow what you tell him. I’ll pray for His peace in your fathers heart. The Lord can reach him any moment. For you all I pray that His peace and His presence can be noticed in your thoughts, your feelings, your heart. He is faithfull. In Him, yours Anneke Kempers


  10. Hi Ruthi, you don’t know me, I am the daughter of André and Dini Brands, who lived/worked in Surinam from 1963-1971. In a album of my father I found a picture, in the text under the photo was your father’s name; Art Yohner. My father runned a citrusplantage in Jarikaba, Surinam, but in his free time he worked for the Medische Zending, with Jan van Mazijk, a medical docter, -and


  11. Thank you for all of the love and encouragement you share with those around, near and far! Your planted seeds are certain to be a bountiful garden, here and in Heaven. You encourage us in our daily walks, uncertainties and challenges, going forth with the Lord, in faith and not fear….thank you for your reminders and selfless sharing of your love of the Lord….and everyone around you! We continue to keep you in our hearts and prayers…..God bless you every day….in every way!


  12. Hi Mark’s parents are with us in Cape Town We are having a good time with them and they are seeing lots of Cape Town I love your blog Ruthie and will look at it again . Love Lyn Glass


  13. I’ve been thinking about the Yohner family a lot as I removed personal things from our cabin on the lake where we had such good fellowship. The arrows that Art brought Dad (John Jiretz, Jr) were stolen about 8 years ago, but the darts and points were still in their little case. The photos of the indians and Art still hung on the wall. Your family was very dear to us. Dottie Kellogg


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