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Mark & Ruth DeJong


The time you take to visit here is so appreciated.
There are no high expectations for this blog…
just a place to reflect, reminisce and remember all that life has been.
A place to dream, hope and plan for all that life will be.
A place to share, a place to think, a place to listen.
That’s all… just a place to gather my scattered thoughts.

And if you find encouragement from visiting my little corner, then that is an extra blessing. I cannot promise that time will allow me to reply to each comment left, but please know that they mean so much.

Feel free to email me at
dejongcmc AT msn DOT com
(it’s written that way to keep away the spam robots)

All photos and text © Ruthi DeJong 2018

11 thoughts on “about this blog

  1. Happy Birthday my friend! You have truely been blessed by your creativity. I thouroughly enjoyed the video. What a blessing you are to so many of us. Thank you for your friendship. Have a wonderful time on your surprise trip!
    Love you,


    1. I sat and cried (with a smile) Your family is soo lovely and the respect and honor you show your father is a tribute…what a wonderful legacy for those sweet babies coming up!


  2. Ruthie, I have been enjoying your “reflections”. Thanks for sharing them with us. Your Dad and Mom are very special people to my wife and myself. Tell the “OLD WARRIOR” that I wish I could have been there for the Herbie meet with him. THat surely brings back memories of PLANT HIGH SCHOOL.

    You and the family are in our prayers and thoughts and know that Our Heaven;\ly Father does all things well.

    Phil 1:6


  3. Ruthie,

    I had no idea your dad was deteriorating so rapidly. What an honor that we got to spend time with him here in Houston some time back. Also, what a privilege to have been baptized by your sweet, godly father while in Suriname during our high school years. Your description of your dad for the nurses is so accurate; kind, godly, patient, gentleman,…
    He truly blesses everyone he comes in contact with. You, your family, and your mom are in our prayers. I know something of the journey you are on, and my heart hurts for you. I am praying that God will carry you through one day at a time: one moment at a time. He is faithful. “I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? MY help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Ps. 121:1-2
    Jamelle Hannusch


  4. Hey Ruthi,

    Sorry, i must admit today was my first look on your blog. I had no idea what I was missing. I’m a FAN, fosho!!! You are really good at this, i hope its close to as rewarding for the creator as it is captivating for the reader. I guess, i just really wanted to say Good Job.



  5. Ruthi,

    Your Mom & Dad’s ministry has had a tremendous impact on our lives through the years, eventually helping lead us to serve with Helps International Ministry, and then with World Team Associates.

    We live in Waynesville, NC now, and think of your parents often. Our friend, Connie Dileo (missionary in the Dominican Republic), told me about your blog site a few days ago and I have been blessed by it since then.

    I’ve seen Jim and Sandy Boyd up here a few times when they visit, and they have filled me in a bit about your parents as well.

    Please give our love to both your Mom and Dad and know that we will be praying for ALL of you during these times.

    It was also nice to see pictures of an “old friend” (Harry) visiting your Dad this week! I wish we were still in Florida so I could come down and visit him myself.

    In Christ’s Love,

    Dean Chouinard

    PS – I would also love to see you do something with copies of the pages of your Dad’s Bible, and would love a copy if you do. What a tremendous opportunity to continue his ministry!


  6. Hello Ruthi (and Evy),

    My parents, Ken and Ruth Harold, were missionaries with Worldteam ( West Indies Mission). I was born in Haiti and lived later in Jamaica.

    We knew the Neffs in Haiti. And later my husband and I came to know your parents well. Your father spoke at many of our missions’ conferences in our churches in Orlando and Seminole, FL.

    They have been a great blessing in our lives. And in the lives of our parishioners. Through your dad’s preaching and witness, several have gone into the ministry and to the mission field.

    Dean and Cheryl Chouinard and Connie Dileo were dear friends and members of our church in Seminole. ( It was Connie who first shared your blog with us a few days ago.)

    You and Evy are in our hearts and prayers. Having lost both of my parents in the past few years, and having dealt with the decline, caregiving and struggles entailed, I especially feel connected with you.

    The pain and grief, the sadness of watching brilliant minds decline, and the terrific burden of care and decision making can be almost overwhelming at times. Our hearts break at slowly losing those we love so much.

    But through it all, God is good. He enables. He comforts. He guides.

    And there is the sweet assurance of our dear parents’ close relationship with Him.

    Some days the tears flow. Some moments bring smiles. Memories sweep over us at unexpected times.

    I rejoice in God’s gracious hand in your lives. I grieve with you in your struggle. Illness, aging and death are strong enemies, but He is stronger. We long, with Paul the apostle, for the days when we will all be made new. We long for the time when all tears will be wiped away and when we will live forever in His presence, in eternal joy. But in the meantime, we hold His hand and lean.

    Thank you for your lovely tributes to your wonderful father and mother. And for the beauty of your photography and words. They are an inspiration and comfort to me and I know to many others.

    You are all in my prayers daily.

    Blessings and please give my love to your mother,



  7. Good and faithful servant. That fact belongs to few these says. It is so true of our brother Art. I sat in his home dozens of nights as he planned mens mission retreats and he and Evies ministry. Always the needs of others came before theirs always! My heart aches with the lose of his presence, but rejoices about his presence with the Lord he served ever faithfully. There are many more wonderful thoughts of Art in my mind and heart but I lack the vocabulary to express them.


  8. Les lehman from Ben Lippen School. We are praying for you and your family and we know that the Lord will bring you through with joy and peace as you honor Him. God bless.


  9. Ruthie:

    I just received the monthly prayer update and was so shocked to hear that Art had gone home to be with the Lord. Great rejoicing for him. Know that we have been upholding your dear Mom during these days.

    I met your Dad when I was on the staff at Davisville Baptist and was captivated by his ability to grab the attention of the audience … “Now let me see the whites of your eyes ….!!!”

    We had your Mom and Dad at America’s Keswick and our folks fell in love with them.

    May the God of all comfort HIMSELF flood you all with his comfort and peace.

    Bill Welte
    President and CEO
    America’s Keswick


  10. Hi
    I would like to order some of your note cards. A friend sent me some and I loved them and would love to order some myself. How can I go about doing that? Thanks


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