5 Minute Friday {growing}


I think of growing up as a missionary kid in South America and how thankful I am for all the adventures, good and bad, that have grown me into the person I am today.

I think of the garden that mom and I just planted and how exciting it is to see it grow… tiny seeds that burst forth with life and push their way  from the dark into the sunshine.

I think of my husband and I as young new parents, having to quickly grow up quickly alongside our daughters.

I think of our family growing in numbers this year and how much love grows in a heart when God blesses ordinary lives with grandchildren… timy ones fresh from God bringing sunshine to our days.

I think of my growth as a woman. Some days I feel like that little seed in the ground and other days I feel like the sweet pea vine reaching for the sky and putting on blooms.

May the growing years never stop and may we never stop growing in the grace of God.


linking up today with gypsy mama’s 5 minute friday challenge to just write without worrying if it’s right or not.