facing fear

image-15-1-2009tomorrow is the big day.

tomorrow i will attempt to do something i have never even come close to doing before. A two day 120 mile bike ride from brooksville to bradenton to raise money for the homeless.

if i think about it too much, fear enters the room… fear of the physical challenge…the cold (yes, it will be 39 the first morning), the wind, the hills, the endurance, keeping up with the group, sharing the road with cars, riding in a group of 100, etc. fear of the mental challenge…pushing through the thoughts that i can’t make it another mile when there is 30 to go! those of you who are athletic and physically fit probably do this on a regular basis, but this is new for me.  facing it with courage is what i am trying to do.

lest you think i am consumed by fear, let me say that i am way more excited about this adventure than i am fearful.  just the process of training has been a blessing. it has been such fun to do this with my long time good friend, kim.  we have laughed ourselves silly, laughing at ourselves! we have spent hours outdoors enjoying the most gorgeous weather and scenery… february in florida is amazing! i am very excited about seeing these 120 miles on bike…a whole different perspective than by car.  i am looking forward to meeting new people who will become friends. i look with anticipation to the lessons God will teach me along the way. and i am pleased that monies have been rasied to help touch lives with the love of Jesus.

for those of you who contributed to this cause, thank you so very much. I was required to raise $250 in order to participate and $430 came in.  I am just amazed at your generous hearts. may you be blessed ten-fold!

so if you think of us over the weekend, say a prayer! go here if you want more info on the ride, like maps, etc.

i am believing this… 

“my gracious favor is all you need. my power works best in your weakness” 2 corinthians 12:9

and hope to return with lots to share!

6 thoughts on “facing fear

  1. i’ll be praying for you guys! what an exciting opportunity. i’m trusting God will bless you as you are blessing others through this adventure!


  2. Bless you heart…this is really something..you are very brave..what an exciting time..yes,yes,yes, you have my prayers..I’ll be checking out the maps of your journey…
    Specil specil blessings Ruthi..
    Will be praying for your friend and bike mate too…


  3. Go for it Luti! We well remember how fearful you were on your first bike ride. We are proud of your courage and stamina for this challenge! We will follow you along your way as we have through out your life. God bless you and keep you safe. Mom


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