God hugs

I really cannot remember a stretch of days as beautiful as March has given us this year. Almost every day I have noticed the warm sun, cloudless blue sky, cool breeze and the chorus of songbirds. I feel such gratitude that God delights in blessing us with something as “insignificant” as beautiful weather, just for our pleasure. How often do I stop and breath it in deeply. Not just the beauty around me, but the fact that God delights in me? He wants us to enjoy life, nature, Him! March has reminded me to breath deeply of God’s grace.

Early this morning I went kayaking with my friend, Kitty. 4x6-landscape-page-039 (that’s her in the photo)

A couple years ago she told me how she asked God to show her in tangible ways that He loved her. And soon she began noticing things like… a beautiful flower, dolphins playing, a smile from a stranger, a up-close parking spot, green lights… you get the picture. She calls them “hugs from God”. Well, this morning was filled with hugs from God… warm sun and cool breeze mingling, birds feeding, a pair of stingrays, the sparkle of the morning sun on the water, the sound of our kayaks gliding through the water, and a body able to get out and enjoy it all.

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will not take it for granted or stay inside all day. I will go outside, even if only for a brief time and rejoice in it! Will you join me?

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