i just got a new piece of furniture…a beautiful antique wardrobe to put in my office to store all my “office stuff” so that it is behind closed doors and not on an open shelf.  i am going through all “the stuff” and “the stuff”  is overwhelming me… papers, trinkets, pens, scraps of paper with things written on them, photo mats for framing if I ever get to framing those photos, cards, frames, craft stuff, fabric for those projects, books, cute notebooks… you get the idea. 

i so want to have an organized, uncluttered house/life.  i want to just get rid of “the” stuff, but can’t get past the “i may need it one day” or “i could have a garage sale, but don’t have time to”.  i want to hold everything i have with an open hand.  i do not want to be weighed down with things. i want to walk lightly through this life.  but when you have a creative bent, how do you just get rid of stuff you “might” be able to create something with?  why do i hold on to things… clothes that i haven’t worn for a year, kitchen gadgets i use once a year, old calendars – “because they have a pretty picture that i might want to frame one day”, etc.

so tell me… how do you keep your life/home uncluttered and simplified?


3 thoughts on “uncluttered

  1. I heard a loooong time ago (before she went to prison, LOL) that Martha Stewart had one of the messiest offices know to man….not that you want to be compared to Martha, but I thought it was refreshing to know that someone so creative AND organized had a messy office….You might loose your creativity if you get it too organized…haha just saying 🙂


  2. I laughed Ruthi, when I read your thoughts on why we keep “stuff”. I long for simplicity and organization but my creative side is sure I can make “something” out of it.


  3. Like mother, like daughter when you find the secret please let your mama know!! How can I get rid of all these 70+years of memories, collections, letters, records, history, pictures? When your memory begins to fade all the reminders cluttering my house helps my recall. I have never been so disorganized and I long to weed out the unimportant in each room of my home. I will get a round tuit someday. Mom


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