meet Max

For two years or so Mark and I have been saying “we need a dog”.  Of course there were always reasons not to… trips, busyness, projects, etc. 

But after we returned from our trip to the Dominican Republic last month, with no big trips in the near future, we decided to “rescue” a mutt. We found a litter of 12 on, went through the adoption process(what a joke), waited forever to meet the puppies, but finally chose a 9 week old male Staffordshire mix.  The reality was, like they say, HE chose us.

Could you have resisted this face?!

Max at 10 weeks

Max was the first name I thought of, then decided to see if there was another one we liked better… we thought of Moses, Cooper, Sawyer, and even Romeo (he was born on Valentines Day). But we came full circle to Max.. it fits him – simple and strong.

It’s been 22 years since we’ve raised a puppy. There are as many opinions out there on how to raise a dog as there is on raising kids! We are trying to find our calm-assertive energy and be the pack leader.

So now we have dog noseprints on our french doors and car windows, chew toys littering the floor, puppy talk coming out of our mouths, treats in our pockets, are puppy-proofing the house, putting up a fence and sleeping very well at night!

At 10 weeks old, Max is doing great on housetraining, has learned sit, but LOVES to chew!

Max at 12 weeks

4 thoughts on “meet Max

  1. Welcome to the puppy club. Max does fit the face!!! We are enjoying our puppy also. Have fun with the training! Any good tips pass them on.

    The Whaleys


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