Praising God today for two reasons to celebrate:

1) We just received a call from the hospital that Dad will be released to a skilled nursing facility this afternoon! And to the facility we desired. It is within walking distance of my house and a short drive for Mom. Please pray for Dad today, that the move will not be too stressful on him and that we will all have peace and strength.

2) 29 years ago today, life exploded into color when God blessed us with our first baby girl!
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2 thoughts on “celebrating

  1. Dear Ruthi, Aunt Evy and family,

    You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Please give a big hug to Uncle Art from us!

    I read your journal entry to Mom while talking with her a little while ago and will keep her updated, as able.

    Love, Tricia and family


  2. Hi Ruth and Evy,

    We’ve been following what’s happening and we are praying for you all. Enjoyed your tribute to your dad, Ruth. Please give him a hug from us.
    Tamara and Joe


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