let’s roll

Today (Sunday) was a good day with Dad. Mom spent the morning with him and he was up and in his wheelchair. This afternoon friends, Ron & Jackie, spent some time with him. And then Mom, Mark, Mike, Veronica and I spent the rest of the day with him. Mom brought along a tape of one of his messages, so we sat and listened to that together. He really was a dynamic speaker, wasn’t he! It was a good time.

His care-givers are happy that his eating is slightly improved. The most frustrating part for us is that when he talks, there is so little that we can understand. Every now and then he will come out with a word or a short sentence that makes sense. Like yesterday he said, “OK, let’s roll”. He has not lost his sense of humor.

“Living the Christian life can be the most fascinating or the most frustrating, depending on how you try to live it!” ~ found written in Dad’s Bible.

2 thoughts on “let’s roll

  1. Love it — that is so true…fascinating or frustrating. Thank you for sharing that quote from Uncle Art!

    We continue to pray for you all.

    Love, Tricia and family


  2. i was blessed to read your dad’s bible as we sat there yesterday while he slept…
    yes he still is ministering ..


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