When Dad was admitted to the hospital, Mom wanted those who would be caring for him to know the man that he is. We quickly typed this up, took it to the hospital, taped it on his wall and gave them one for his file. Now that he is at the Towers, this sheet hangs on his closet door, so that those who come in to care for him can know him. Thought you might like a look.

To those caring for Art Yohner,

Our family wants you to know a few things that will help you get to know Art better.

He is a Christian and his relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing God’s love with others is and has been the most important thing in his life.

He has a heart for people and has been a minister and missionary for 50+ years.

He has been married to Evy, for 57 years, who in his sickness has given him 24/7 loving care.

He and Evy served together as missionaries for 10 years in the jungles of Suriname, South America, working among the Wayana Indians. Sometimes Art communicates in that tribal language.

We, his family: wife Evy, daughter Ruth, son-in-law Mark, granddaughter Amber and her husband Jesse, granddaughter Veronica and her husband Mike, and all who know and love him, describe him as:

Loving, kind, humble, compassionate, humorous, gentle, grateful, patient, a gentleman, helpful and always thinking of others.

He is an articulate communicator, a wordsmith.

He is jovial, a jokester, loving to tell jokes, but never at the expense of others or vulgar and crude.

We his family thank you for your compassionate care in keeping Art comfortable and helping him get better.

God bless you all.


CAREGIVERS: Would you pray with us or those who are caring for Dad? That they will have unusual patience, compassion, and understanding of his needs.
7am-3pm: Alicia, Aid and Kim, Nurse
3pm-11pm: Summer, Aid and Donna, Nurse
11pm-7am: Jermania, Aid and Elaine, Nurse

Holly, Speech Therapist
Mark, Physical Therapist
Diane, Occupational Therapist

I have mentioned to Alicia and Summer that I pray for them every day. Now I will tell them that there are LOTS of people praying for them. Let’s watch God work!

MOM and I: We need to know how best to “oversee” the care he is being given and how to communicate our concerns and suggestions in a way that will benefit everyone. We are also feeling emotionally weary from the constant ups and downs of each day.

We really appreciate those who have been able to come and visit or sit with Dad. It gives us the opportunity to go communicate with the staff or take a little break.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers. They mean the world to us!

4 thoughts on “caregivers

  1. He is really in our prayers and thoughts. Oh that one day life will be complete….as Jesus has promised. and no more pain, tears and ups and downs. We love you. Tell the “OLD WARRIOR” the same


  2. It’s a lovely page.

    Our best wishes to Art and to Ruthie and Evy and all family members. What a family in Christ you are. An inspiration to us all. May we be so brave one day.

    Art looks good and so do you Evy. God has you in His Hands.
    What an awesome God we serve.

    With our love in Christ,

    Joe and Marie Vorbeck


  3. Somewhere around 15 years ago, Art came to my church and spoke. He made a definite impact. I was sitting on the front row of the church when Art gave the invitation to come forward in commitment to following a call to mission work. I stepped forward and Art thought I was coming to close the service. In reality, I was answering his invitation…but never told him. I am the only missionary to be sent out from that church. Yesterday I ran across the commitment card he left with us. On it is written words that I have carred in my heart all these years. I have often used Art’s words; “Lord, anything, anytime, anywhere…at any cost!” After pastoring the church in Kerrville, Texas, for 11 years, the Lord called me to mission work fulltime and we began our own mission organization in which we have served for over 10 years. I thank the Lord for God using Art to direct me where I needed to be.


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