last week

Last week…

Dad is now riding in his third set of wheels. This wheelchair seems to be better suited for his needs. Don’t you think he looks comfortable! We sure did have to jump through some hoops to get to this point!

He also has a new evening nurse who had been on a month long vacation. But he has adjusted smoothly to the transition.

Word has gotten around that Mom and Dad were missionaries in the jungle and that has opened up lots of opportunities for interesting discussions with the staff. Please continue to pray for them as they care for Dad.

A couple days ago, Dad told Mom he wanted a can of coke! You should have seen and heard his expression when he tasted it. “fantastic’, “excellent”, “boy, that is good” were some of his comments. Wish I had captured it on camera.

Sunday was an especially enjoyable time with him. Mark, Mike, Veronica, Mom and I spent an hour or so with Dad where he was joking, laughing and making some sense. He even smiled for the camera. Days like today make us grateful for the time we have been given. Here’s a signature expression of his…


May you be blessed this week for the love you have shown us.
May we all experience the vast love of our gracious Father, who desires to fill our cups to overflowing!

4 thoughts on “last week

  1. So glad to hear about his wheelchair! I love the picture of you and him with his “signature expression” Enjoy
    love ya,


  2. Dear Ruthi and Evi.

    thank you so`much on the up date on Art healt, I and my family Grant love him very much, him and all of you are all day long on my my mind and in my prayer,

    God Bless you, I love you Laura.


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