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Some of you have said that you appreciate knowing specifically how you can pray for us.  We appreciate that so very much! So since you’ve asked, here goes…

Dad is having more good days than bad ones lately. Good days mean he is calm, eating well, engaged in some conversation. Bad days mean he is restless, agitated, mentally not connected to us.  The sadness in watching Dad’s mind decline can be overwhelming at times. The slow good-bye is difficult.  We ask you to pray for Dad’s healing. Whether that will come here on earth or in heaven, is in our sovereign Lord’s hands. In the meantime, pray specifically for his peace and physical safety.

Mom is amazing. As a friend told me, she is living out lessons in strength for us to observe. She cares for Dad during her daily visits with him and continues to take care of things at home. Pray specifically for protection, provision, comfort, strength and health.

A practical need we have this week is Dad’s wheelchair.  He is on his third one, which seems to be working well for his needs.  The problem is that we need a partial refund on wheelchair #2 and the vendor is not in agreement. Pray specifically that he would change his mind or that we will have peace in just letting it go.

I know that care-giving for my parents at this time is what God has called me to and I consider it a privilege. But balancing responsibilities is not something I do well. Pray specifically that I will focus on the important not the urgent, keep my eyes on Jesus, and learn the lessons He is wanting to teach me.

We praise God because He is good. He is able. He continues to give us strength, comfort and peace.

Dad’s caregivers are beginning to feel like family. They care for him with gentleness and compassion. Thank you for praying!

We are blessed by your love and faithful prayers.


 Let us therefore draw near with confidence to the throne of grace,

that we may receive mercy and may find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16

10 thoughts on “being specific

  1. The strength you are being given by the Lord is showing, Ruthi, and it is a blessing to me. I know this isn’t the path you would have chosen but there are going to be many things that come out of it. Your Dad is a wonderful man and as his physical life gives way, the spiritual is going to take over. A sort of melting into heaven! I am praying for the above needs and anything else that comes your way daily. Love you! Laurie


    1. I am grateful that God’s strength is evident to others as well. Thank you Laurie for your comforting words “melting into heaven” and for your prayers.


  2. Our prayers and love continue for the family that touched me in such a unique and caring way. LOVE is a small word but it is my heart’s full feeling. Bless the “OLD WARRIOR” and his family is our prayer. Thanks for the daily updates.


    1. thank you Charlie, for your prayers and love… we feel both of them. I have passed along your words to the “Old Warrior”.


  3. Ruthi, Thank you for sharing your heart. I believe that God is using this portion of your family’s life as a continuation of the calling to be missionaries for Him. My prayer is that God is using this very situation to reach souls and change lifes with those you are sharing with and his caregivers at the Towers.


  4. Praying for God’s help, grace, and strength for each of you. Most every time I read your blog, I receive a blessing and a word that encourages my heart. Thanks for being a vessel He can use.


    1. Jeni, so thankful to God that He is blessing you with encouragement through all this. Isn’t He awesome to do that! Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.


  5. Ruthi,
    Your strength amazes me! your updates about uncle art bring back memories of dad and how hard it is to see someone who you love suffer. I pray for all of you during this difficult time. Please give uncle art a big hug and let him know what an incredible man he is!


    1. Robin, I too have thought of your Dad, my Uncle Bob. While it is never easy to lose a parent, I can only imagine what it was like for you and your sisters as children. I have good memories of your Dad…like the tricks he taught Bad Dog, his sense of humor, the time he visited us in Suriname and all the times I stayed with your family. Good memories of a good man. I know you must still miss him.


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