the hardest and the best

the hardest part is

seeing someone you deeply love and respect,

changed by a disease that makes them who they aren’t.

the best part is

the gift of memory and the words of friends

that reminds us of who they really are.


the hardest part is

feeling you are not doing enough

and at the same time knowing you cannot do more.

the best part is

the gift of God’s strength to do what we are called to do.


the hardest part is

being afraid that you will become

used to or callous to what now produces tears.

the best part is

God’s grace is given in abundance and is enough.


the hardest part is

learning to let people into our lives

by being open and honest

about what we are experiencing

and at the same time preserving

the dignity and character of those we love.

the best part is

trusting a God who is loving, all-knowing and in control.


the hardest part is

not wanting my words to be clichés.

 the best part is

truth is truth.


the best part about the hardest part is

that it brings me to the feet of Jesus.

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. II Cor. 9:8.

7 thoughts on “the hardest and the best

  1. Dear, dear Ruthi,
    I do believe your father’s gift of being able to express so succinctly the truths that God is teaching you through this journey.

    A rather trite expressing says that “His grace will never lead you where His grace will not keep you.” I have found in my life experiences, particularly of losing my daddy, yes, I still call him that, and losing Don, that one doesn’t truly find that measure of God’s grace until just the moment that it is needed.

    As we talked the other day, I’m once again reminded of the blessed hope that we have in Jesus Christ.


  2. Amen.
    It’s like – if God gave us the insight to know that we’d get through just fine and to fully understand how his Grace comes through as we take that step of faith that it will…..if we saw that up front, we’d not have to take that step of faith, that’d He be under and around and alongside us and that His grace met us when we needed it. We’d be full of ourselves and know that, we’d be able to handle it. No, he asks of us that we trust that his grace will meet us, to not see the other side until we crossed the Jordan or the Red Sea. He wants us to step out and trust that his grace is there, knowing that we are wholly insufficient in ourselves, that it’s all him.


  3. Ruthi,

    Thank you for sharing your heart my friend. I shared what you wrote with Lou and we were both touched by the truth that your words hold in our lives. As you lay at His feet, I feel blessed to be a part of your journey and to share in the insights that the Lord is impressing upon you. You are a treasured friend. I know the weight of your journey is difficult, but it’s neat and encouraging to see God walking with you in such a tangible way. I agree with Beverly (slightly different saying) “The Will of God will never lead you where the Grace of God cannot keep you”. We can rest in knowing that although our circumstances don’t always make sense from where we stand, they are ordered by a Loving God, and make perfect sense to him. ….It amazes me how the hardest and most difficult times in our lives, often lead to the greatest blessing.

    Love ya!


  4. Hi Ruthi, Tues 9-1-09
    This little poem is great & is spoken for me as well.
    Thanks for putting it into words on paper
    On Sunday, I put a shortcut for your site on my Dad’s computer and yesterday he said he was able to find it & read it but he also said that he had written a comment on your site but he said it got lost. I need to get with him to see what happened. I’m telling you this so you know he was trying to let ya’ll know he was thinking of you all
    My Dad gave me a little note yesterday from your Mom to me.
    I sent her an email today and gave her my email If you get this first would you please let her know I sent her an email. I do hope this finds everything going as well as expected
    Know that we are praying & thinking of you all with wonderful memories


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