a life interrupted, part 2

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So this young pastor won the “vote for your favorite pastor” contest. The prize was a trip to Quito, Ecuador to see first hand the ministry of  HCJB radio station.  This young pastor, along with other members of the tour group, met several missioanries. Among them was Marge Saint.  They traveled to Shell Mera and saw first hand the ministry that was born out out of a great loss… the five missionaries speared to death by members of the Waodani tribe.

His life was interrupted… by God’s call on his life to be a missionary in a foreign land.

The very same week, back home in Tampa, his wife sat in their church listening to guest speakers, Ivan and Doris Schoen, missionaries from another jungle… the jungles of Suriname. As she listened, this young pastor’s wife felt her life being interrupted by God’s call to follow her husband, wherever that might be.

And the rest is history…history that is still being written.

Within a year they applied to West Indies Mission and a year and a half later they found themselves with their 8 year old daughter in the jungles of Suriname, where they served God for 10 years.

yohner prayer card

This young pastor and his wife are my parents, Art & Evy Yohner.

6 thoughts on “a life interrupted, part 2

  1. I love this, Ruthi. To have met Marge Saint back then, so soon after the slayings must have been something. I remember meeting her at Calvary and having dinner with her at Lois and Steve’s. It has always been my dream to go to Ecuador and see Shell.


  2. It’s neat to be able to look back and see the exact moment that God spoke to your parents about His plan for their lives…..and yours. His hand on you all then, as it is now.

    As always, thanks for sharing.



  3. Greetings Ruth! As I write this note, I lay on the floor on the ‘single ladies’ dorm of the International Academy of Suriname ( once West Indies missionary school) Ironically, I am neither single, nor employed at the school, but they have lovingly taken me in while my husband serves in the interior, also working with the Wayana and Trio Indians. Twenty years ago , we answered the very same call as your parents..in much the same way!! Sitting in a church listening with great joy to the tails of Ivan , Doris , Dan, Tom and Becky Schoen! We knew immediately that Lord was placing the same burden upon our hearts. It took quite a bit longer than anticipated to actually take step into the jungles of Suriname ~ but we are here now and have fallen deeply in love with the people and the place!! I have served beside my husband, in the interior for most of the past 2 months; but on occasion have taken respite here in the city of Paramaribo, to volunteer at the Christian school. I left a teaching position in the states when we answered this call, and the children fill my heart 🙂
    Interestingly, many years ago, we had the blessed opportunity to meet your father at a small Bible study in Waterford Pennsylvania!! We shared such joy as being bound to the same people in the Lord!!
    Dan & Tom Schoen will be joining us for a few weeks here in Suriname soon; I can’t wait to share your blog with them as well!
    In Christ, ka & John Smith


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