where did october go?!

Does life move fast for you, like a dog chasing his tail?

max & stella

Honestly, I feel like I blink and the day is over!

It has been 2 weeks since I have posted anything and a whole month since I have shared anything about Dad! I guess in some ways that’s a good thing…the old saying, “no news, is good news”.

Dad is basically doing the same as he was last time I shared.  His weight has stabilized, he is eating well, the majority of the time he is calm and doing well, and aside from the parkinson/dementia and the need for total care he is doing fine.  Communication is very limited…some days non-existent and other days he “talks” up a storm. Some days his talking makes sense and other days it does not.

In the past month there has been some turn-over of staff and in particular his daytime aide, which created a few bumps along the way. Please continue to pray for those who care for him.  We had his Care Plan meeting this past week and were pleased with the communication that came out of that.

Here’s the view from Dad’s window… beautiful green palm trees.

view from Dad's room

Mom spends time with Dad every day and continues to take care of things at home. I am able to visit with Dad most days. Mom, Mark and I try to have dinner together most week nights and enjoy this time together. Mark, Mike and Veronica are able to visit him on Sundays.  And there are friends who are faithful to stop by from time to time.  Recently Roy and Margaret Lytle, missionaries from Suriname, have had some good visits with Dad.

This coming week, Nov 5,  is Dad’s 79th birthday! We will be sure to share photos of the celebration with you!


beach path


Mom asked me to let you know how much we appreciate your ongoing prayers, support and communication. 

While things have quieted down so to speak and our days a bit more “normal”, this is still a difficult time, as we walk beside Dad through this valley.

God continues to gives us everything we need and more, including great walking partners.


Thank you for walking with us.

6 thoughts on “where did october go?!

  1. So glad to hear your dad is stabalizing and settling into a routine. It is certainly a long journey, God promises grace for each and every day. Blessings to you and your family.


  2. i so agree that time continues to march along…
    the holidays are now upon us..
    trying to think ahead and yet stay in the moment is
    an ongoing task !
    love to hear and see your heart shine through
    in each post…
    special blessings..


  3. Ruthi We are so proud of the way the Lord has gifted you in puting things together on this site to honor your Dad….You are a beautiful family and the Lord is so good to give you special times together with your Dad in these days. The Lord is sealing them to your hearts for eternity and blessing you together as you rally around your wonderful Dad who has blessed others along the road of life….Thank you for sharing with us. I am copying these for KV who is at Aptetina. She in turn can share pictures and the family with the Wayanas.

    We are so blessed to be here to be her ‘arms and legs’ in the city as she ministers to the Wayanas.

    Love you:)auntalice/unclenick<


  4. Greet the “OLD WARRIOR” on his 79th from Norma and me I have often thought, we will possibly see him this next Spring…but as your Dad often said to us “See you here, there, or in the air.” TRUTH – we will!!! Praise be to Jesus for this Hope.


    1. Charlie, I love that old saying of Dad’s. I did pass along your birthday greeting to him. I asked him if he remembers you and he said “yes”. Hope to see you in the spring!


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