Christmas 2009

I have finally been able to go through my files of photos and choose a few that represent our Christmas. As to be expected, the changes in our family this year made for a bittersweet Christmas. There were moments of stress, sadness, concern and tears.  But there were also moments when our cups overflowed with gratitude for God’s many blessings in our lives.  I will let the photos do the talking.

tinsel in a tanlge

David DeJong & Art Yohner

family dinner

Amber w/ Grams & Pops

looking at ultrasound pics

Jesse & Amber bearing gifts

Mom & Dad

a tender moment

the blessing of grandkids

the birthday girl

remembering when

Mike & Veronica

dog tired

time for gifts

a grandpa mug!


Mike & V with Grams


who's that comin?

apples to apples

Art & Evy

 christmas cards



Thankful that we can celebrate Christmas because of the love of God for the whole world.

10 thoughts on “Christmas 2009

    1. i love the globe ornament too! it was a gift from a dear friend a few years ago… she always chooses just the right gift. 🙂


  1. oh ruthi..
    each picture is just perfect ..
    some of the best that i’ve seen of your dad in a long time..
    love love love to see your mom look “light-hearted” ..the
    eye roll is just wonderful…i’ll bet that you squeeled when
    you saw what you had captured ..
    your home..tree and family… just beautiful..
    my heart is always so moved by your ability to
    “keep on keeping on” .. and i so know
    that it’s often just NOT easy..
    but you have done it .. are doing it .. and will do it !!
    thank you for letting us peek inside “ruthi’s Christimas”
    you mean so much to so many !


    1. thank you jackie ~ i love having you stop by and share your words. when are you going to start your blog?


  2. I always look forward to when you post things. I love looking at all your pictures. You inspire me to be more artist with my pictures..


  3. I just loved the photo of Amber & Art….I see so much of you in her- the gentleness, compassion, strength. You & Mark have raised a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Kelly! so nice to see you here. Thank you for your kind words… in spite of ourselves and the mistakes all parents will make, God is faithful.


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