the first day of spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring.


Maybe it was because we have had an unusually cold and gloomy winter here on the west coast of Florida, but it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL day!


Reminded me of another beautiful first day of spring 6 years ago.

mike & v's wedding day

Beautiful days like these help me to understand how much God delights in us his children. How He loves to hug us through things like the weather, our amazing earth, nature, a stranger’s smile.


It’s what I love about my camera… being able to capture just a glimpse of the pleasure He gives us.




Even the animals were enjoying the day.



Spring has sprung!

Get out and enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “the first day of spring

  1. I agree, Ruthi – Spring is here just when we seem to need to see it most! It is a wonderful promise of warmth to come. Thanks for the reminder. Love ya,


  2. Hi Ruthi,

    We enjoyed your photos – a feast for the eyes. Your new fence is beautiful. Seeing these pictures gives us the sense of actually being there with you and enjoying your home and gardens again. Your life is such a blessing.

    Dad and Mom (Sylvia)


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