dog play and earth day

Today is “Earth Day” and here, on our little corner of this earth, it is a beautiful day… low humidity, blue skies, sunshine and a cool gentle breeze.


The earth is indeed full of God’s glory here. A good day to be outside.

So off to my friend Kim’s house I went with Max in tow. Time for a doggy play-date.


Kim has two labs, Sarge, a 3 year old black male and Cheyenne, a 9 year old brown female. Cheyenne wasn’t too interested in all the maleness goin’ on.


But Max and Sarge… well, let’s just say there’s nothing like good male rough-housin’ and competition.


Max does need to work on his sharing skills. He kept that  ball in his mouth forever!


Oh how he loved the wide open space to run off some energy.


Then he discovered the lake…!


“Hmm, wonder what I do now? It doesn’t look like the beach.”


“Wait up guys, I want to come too!”



“Max buddy… let’s just say, a lab you are not.”


“Here, let me show you how it’s done… gracefully.”


“Now you got it.” 


“Or maybe not. ”


“It was fun, but Max, you have a REALLY big mouth.”

Just so you know, Max is out cold on the floor… for a couple hours at least.

Happy Earth Day! ~ hope you are able to enjoy this fabulous earth God created for our enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “dog play and earth day

  1. max has very polite friends – they waited for him to suggest trying the swim in the lake! I thought these photos were so funny and I bet you captured their thoughts perfectly!


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