living ready


My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. I’m standing here outside…

Oh sorry… had a flashback there.

As I was saying, my bags are packed and I am ready to go, as soon as I get the word that my grandson is ready to make his debut!

I actually love the feeling of living this way.

I don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.

I keep the laundry caught up.

My plants are watered, not living through a owner-imposed drought.

My house is picked up and relatively clean.

The bills are paid.

My camera is charged and empty, ready for the kazillion photos it will be taking.

I enjoy this feeling of nothing “urgent” hanging over my head. I feel calmer and able to enjoy the day, instead of the chaos that clutter and an overzealous to-do list creates.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have an insane amount of projects that I want to finish or start. The house still needs  TLC in areas. The yard needs lots of help. There are books I have been meaning to read for months. Files that need to be emptied, deleted, or organized. Relationships that need nuturing. Budgets that need to be looked at. Closets to purge. You get the idea.

But right now, things are more peaceful. Maybe it’s because the important things are done. The urgent have been put in their place. Priorities are in their proper order. And I have been talking to God alot.

Living ready.

This morning, I started wondering what living ready looks like from a spiritual perspective.

Do I live every day ready for whatever God may ask of me? Or do I always have an excuse?

Something to meditate on. Confident God will show me in His gentle way.

teach us to number our days

and recognize how few they are

help us to spend them as we should

psalm 90:12

2 thoughts on “living ready

  1. How true that is Ruthi, I have had the same experience and feeling once and there is a peace about it. I too wish I had that feeling more often. Good words for thought. Thanks.


  2. Ruthi, first of all if that is your bedroom i like it. very pretty..and the bedframe. i also like how peaceful you are. i feel that way when i take the time to talk to God and ask Him what he thinks i should do that day. slowly through the day he shows me…also sounds like you’re enjoying having Ruthi time…
    can’t wait to see pics of that babe!


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