Jaxson Cole Jacobs

 Jaxson (God has been gracious) Cole (of a victorious people)

May 3, 2010, 12:35 pm, 8 lbs. 10 oz.








new life is hope you can touch

14 thoughts on “Jaxson Cole Jacobs

  1. Congratulations Grandma Ruthie & Amber & Jesse on the birth of your first grandchild and son. I just told my husband how I feel almost a part of your family through this wonderful blog. Your pictures and words are AMAZING! (loved the “busy bee” photos from yesterday- looked like something out of National Geographic) We rejoice with you on the birth of Jaxson, this long awaited boy. May He grow up to love and follow the Lord. God bless.
    Keisha Culbreth
    Children’s Ministry Director & Secretary
    Grace Community Church, Angier, NC


  2. Congratulations to all of you! Jaxson is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen…and big too! Ruthie as usual your pics are awsome! Keeping you all in my prayers and giving thanks to God for your healthy new baby boy. Talking with your Dad the last two nights about his new great-grandson enjoying that little smile he so often gives. Looking forward to meeting Jaxson one day soon. By the way great job Amber! Take care and looking forward to more pics.
    Donna D.


  3. Congratulations Jesse, Amber, Mark and Ruth. What a beautiful baby. Jaxon is so sweet. I loved the pictures and can hardly wait to share them with Opa when he gets up. My arms ache to hold Jaxson and love on him. We feel so blessed to be Opa and Oma to him.
    With much love,
    Opa and Oma De Jong


  4. BLESSINGS BEYOND MEASURE! to you and your bundle from Heaven! May God shower His blessings upon Jaxson Cole for a life of love, purpose, joy and health in Christ!


  5. Congratulations Amber and Jesse! Being a great-grandma is great. Grandpa Art use to say, “I am a great-grandpa!” With surprise the response would be, “YOU are a Great-grandpa?” With his playful grin he would reply, “Sure, all grandchildren are GREAT!” He would love being a real great-grandpa. We look forward to holding this little bundle of joy. Ruthi, you have captured the moments for us. Give some extra love and cuddleing for us. Congratulation to you and Mark too. This will be a special Mother’s Day for all of us! God’s gift of a new life is an awesome responsibility and privilege for the whole family. Welcome to this world Jaxson Cole! We pledge ourselves to you. Your great-grandma Evy


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