rain, mushrooms, and bees

Summer is in full swing here on the west coast of Florida.

And with that has come rain.


And rain along with our heat makes things grow like crazy!

Like mushrooms…


growing out the side of one of my orchid pots!

Looks like a miniature village… you know where the little people live.

And then there was this one…


is that really a mushroom?! Think I will just call it an interesting fungi!

Our crepe myrtles do not bloom like some,

due to the abundance of shade we have in our yard,


but I think they are still beautiful… soft and delicate.

And then my agapanthus (african lily of the nile),


has double the blooms it had last year.

I wonder if our cold winter had anything to do with that?

But this year my favorite is a new firebush.


I love the baby buds on it. But then it grows into this…


Seems a certain little bee likes it too.



Looks like there must be some yummy nectar in this one!


Very cool, don’t you think!

I love God’s creation through the lens of a camera!

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