the answer is in the asking

When I was swimming in the sludge and shared my questions with my husband, he not only suggested that I “ask mom”, but he challenged me to “put it out there”. Some people do that with ease… they don’t even think about it. Of course sometimes that gets them in trouble…
speaking before they think.  But others rarely put it out there, thinking so long that they lose the nerve to speak. That can also create problems… a blockage of sorts. Finding the balance in this is what I try to do.

Because I have found time and again that it is in the asking that I find the answers to my questions. God delights to answer my “why” questions. It may not be in the form of the answer I am looking for, but he always responds to me in a way that will satisfy if I learn to trust him along this wild and wonderful journey. If I look hard every day, I will find the blessings (answers) God lays before me… blessings that offer strength and joy. One of the blessings He has laid out for me is you. Your comments over the last week have reminded me again that we walk this journey together and that we need each other. Thank you for being a beautiful gift!

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting their own battle.

4 thoughts on “the answer is in the asking

  1. following you last line ..”everyone is fighting a battle ..
    i am drawn to a few words from amy grants lastest cd ..
    “somewhere down the road” .. song titled .. “find what you’re looking for”

    cause there’s so much good in the worst of us*
    so much bad in the best of us*
    it never makes sense for any of us*
    to criticize the rest of us*
    we’ll just find what we’re looking for*
    we’ll find it and so much more*

    thank you ruthi .. for taking you time and sharing your words with us..
    they make us think.. and.. bless our hearts ..


  2. Now that i am back from a week long trip and catching up on the last several blogs good thing it is past quitting time as i am a red eyed teary mess; not good for my tough guy construction image:{ Thanks for the twin gifts of great photos and a sharing heart.


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