more important things

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I have opened up my wordpress!  To those of you who have visited in the past couple weeks and not found anything new… so sorry. I have barely had time to check emails or get on FaceBook. But I have been tending to more important things.

Like giving a bridal shower to Jacky, a beautiful young woman who I sayis my third daughter and whose mom, Ann, is a treasured friend. What fun Veronica, Julie, and I had as we planned and prepared for this special time of celebrating.

In preparation for the big weekend, I had asked God for a lot of favors. Simple insignificant things, in the big picture of life, but important to me nonetheless.

I asked for no rain on the night of the shower and even though it rained a couple of miles north AND a couple of miles south of our house, God parted the clouds and granted our request. I asked that not only would the guest of honor at the shower be blessed, but that those who came through our front door to celebrate would leave encouraged and with a taste of Jesus. From the cards and emails we have received since then, I would say He came through on that one too.

And the very same weekend, the sweetest, most handsome little four-month old boy, named Jaxson, came to his Nana and Papa’s house for the very first time! Oh what fun we had! Jaxson is happy, healthy, and full of personality.

And he got to meet his great-grandpa Yohner…

 I asked that Dad would have “good” days while Jaxson visited him and He went above and beyond. Dad had caught a cold the week before and I asked for healing and protection from sickness for all of us… especially Jaxson and we are all well.

God delights in giving us the desires of our hearts.

8 thoughts on “more important things

  1. Our God truely loves to bless us in everyday ways. How beautiful to see your family picture and Uncle Art can’t take his eyes off of his Great Grandson!


  2. Glory to God for all your answered prayers!!!
    Thank you again for blessing Jacky with an incredible bridal shower… As her mother, I will treasure it always!!!


  3. Ruthie–Just loved all your photos from the weekend-what a busy time for you! Especially I enjoyed the ones of introducing Jaxson to your dad–brought tears to my eyes and of course reminded me of my dad, and how sad Tom was that Dad never got to meet their youngest daughter. How wonderful that God allowed your dad to meet Jaxson! And the family picture is beautiful, as are all your photos! Also wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Bob Newhart You Tube. Too funny; I can relate! Hee hee!


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