Aw, Nuts!

happy first day of fall, ya’ll!

yes, it’s september 23rd and my favorite season of the year is finally here!
there is a definite “change” in the air here on the west coast of florida.
maybe not as noticeable as our northern friends enjoy.
but the mornings have been cool enough to sit on the porch
and enjoy a cup of coffee. hallelujah!!

we have a large hickory tree that provides us with lots of shade
and its beautiful bark and lanky branches are pleasing to look at.
but the nuts it produces are about to drive me NUTS!!


the squirrels must come from all corners of the county

to gorge themselves on the delicious nuts…

{well, at least i assume they are delicious since we have never been able to eat one} and in the process they leave a royal mess.

every september we go through this and end up with a patio filled with stains from the nuts. lovely isn’t it!?

 the first year we pressure cleaned, bleached, and scrubbed with no success… the stains remained.  once the tree sheds its leaves, the sun will bleach away the stains over the winter season. go figure!

anyone know a humane way to eliminate a tribe of squirrels or sterilize a hickory tree?

4 thoughts on “Aw, Nuts!

  1. Good morning early riser!
    Good pictures and a great way to start the day. Tell the squirrels there is a bigger tree in the next county. Ha Ha
    I love the fall here too, even without the changing colors of the leaves as up north, but just the same I relish this cool time of the year.
    God bless your day and the coming weekend.


  2. thank you for these beautiful photos to start my morning ..
    the bark on you tree is just WONDERFUL !!!
    many thoughts of you this a.m. as i head out for a prayer walk ..
    so greatful for your friendship and input im my life ..
    love love and more love


  3. I remember how we both shared a love of “fall coming.” It’s not the same as up north, but the beauty is that is lasts until spring! Send your squirrels my way. The bobcats keep my squirrel population in check. Even though I know it’s the circle of life, I can’t help but shed a tear each time I see a squirrel clenched in bobcat jaws. My backyard menagerie:!/album.php?aid=242904&id=1406058670&page=2


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