it’s thursday already!

Not much time to write lately.
Been super-duper busy.
All good things, but not much time for blogging.
Somehow though I always manage
capture some life through my camera.


scene from my early morning walk

new shrimp plant struttin’ his stuff

love my bougainvillea

Mom’s beautiful plumbago

blackberry lily

love this collage Jaxson’s  sweet mama sent me


Without wavering,
let us hold tightly
to the hope
we say we have,
for God can be trusted
to keep His promises.
Hebrews 10:23

2 thoughts on “it’s thursday already!

  1. Thanks for your beautiful gift of pictures this morning; a great way to start
    my day and another way to praise God for His beauty including you.


  2. beautiful & encouraging photos, miss ruthi ~~
    they remind me that God is busy all around us ~~
    last night (at bible study)Pastor Helms asked us all to wake up this
    morning with the verse Palms 118:24 .. THIS is the
    day that the LORD has made..I will REJOICE and be
    GLAD in it !!!! .. your pictures are telling me the same thing !!
    even the flowers REJOICE !!!


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