hello December!

I know it is said much too often,
but where do the months go?

Here it is December 1st,
time to be focusing on Christmas
and I am trying my hardest not get
my tinsel in a tangle!

So I may not get the annual Christmas card/letter done,
there may not be much baking done,
my house may be sparsely decorated,
and very few blog posts will be written.

But I will take time each day to reflect on what the season is all about…

Merry Christmas everyone!

3 thoughts on “hello December!

  1. Your collage is beautiful and your picture of Jaxson adorable. He’s growing
    so fast; enjoy every moment. I write this as my 4 yr. old grandson stands
    beside me on his “day off” from school. He loves just being at home. How
    precious that he comes down every morning to see me. God has blessed me
    “above and beyond”.


  2. Ruthi, this collage is BEAUTIFUL… How in the world did you capture Jaxon’s cute facial expression??? He is gorgeous! What kind of camera do you use? Lens? Your photographs are always so crisp and clear! You are incredibly talented!! Also, I would love to know how to start a Blog. I love the you do yours and the backgrounds , etc… How did you learn? Just get on here and do it? My daughter just started a blog using WordPress. I am interested. 🙂


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