Just a quick hello and a few photos from a couple weeks ago when Amber, Jesse, and Jaxson came to town for a wedding.

Jax sure is growing into a big boy, FULL of personality.  And not afraid to try anything…

like grass

or lemon! He loved it… wanted more… really!

He and Papa like to rough-house

Jaxson and his Auntie V got to spend lots of time together while his mama and daddy went to the wedding.

And Uncle Mike is always fun to play with.

Great-Grandma Yohner got to love on Jaxson

and Great-Grandpa Yohner and Jaxson had some fun together.

Even Max had his playtime with Jaxson.

And it won’t be long before the world is his for the taking… he is ready to crawl!

3 thoughts on “jaxson

  1. Cannot believe how quickly Jaxson has grown but it’s already evidence of
    God’s continuing change of each of us daily. How wonderful to share time
    with him. The pictures are beautiful and I, especially, the photos of him with
    your mom and dad…so sweet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories
    with others.


  2. Seeing these pictures with David is like having a brief visit to Bradenton to spend some moments with your family. What a blessing it is to us, at a time when we really can’t get away, to be with you in this way. Thanks Ruthi for making this possible. We love you all, expecially this little great grandson that we have to wait so long to see and meet in person. This is next best, and it is great. Thanks.


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