untangling Christmas

 Here’s a bit of our Christmas…

The Christmas program at the Towers with Mom and Dad was an enjoyable evening of music. Doesn’t Dad look handsome in his red sweater vest. It was a good day for him and he appeared to enjoy the program, holding Mom’s hand and tapping to the music.

We were thrilled to have Uncle Herb (Dad’s brother), Mary Ann and Taylor come for an afternoon visit, while they were in the area for a golf tournament. It was one of Dad’s sleepy days, but he finally woke up and had a nice visit with them. Thank you guys for coming!

Every year we look forward to our “burning bush”. We have a row of crepe myrtles and this year their turning leaves were in their glory on Christmas day.

We celebrated Mom’s birthday, thankful for her love, strength, and grace.

The highlight of my Christmas was waking up to this Christmas morning…

Just too much!

I am so thankful for these two beautiful women who enjoy being sisters

for the loving leadership and humor of our men

and for our wonderfully imperfect  family being together.

Before you think our Christmas was perfect, let me confess that I did get my tinsel in a tangle. Even though I had this in front of me everyday…

Got myself all tangled up around life and those expectations. They’re  everywhere… blogs, magazines, commercials.  My “picture” of  Christmas got out of whack and needed a reality check. I visited here a couple days ago and she says it so well. I encourage you to go read it if any of this rings true.

We lost a good friend 3 days before Christmas. There is now a wife whose reality is turned upside down, three boys who are fatherless, a mother who is devastated, friends who are grieving, a church family that is missing their brother. There is no easy way around that kind of reality.  Only straight through it…  believing that even when the feelings don’t back it up, God is still good and loving and faithful to his promises.

That’s what is important. That is Christmas.

Things like forgetting to buy potatoes or the dishwasher malfunctioning  or all the other insignificant things that got my tinsel tangled, really don’t matter.

Feel free to remind me of all this next December.

See you in 2011!

16 thoughts on “untangling Christmas

  1. So glad you all had a great Christmas, inspite of circumstances and the loss of a great friend and brother in Christ. Memories are all we have after today so cherish what we have and remember all that we cherish so much…..GOD and FAMILY.
    Love you and yours.


  2. Jaxon is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen!! What joy!! How could a day be bad when you have that face to look at it and that little thing to hold and squeeze! 🙂 You/your family are blessed indeed!! Thank you for sharing him with the rest of us baby crazy people.

    I went to the blog about “what is Christmas really about”… soooo good! I have saved her blog to my “favorites” so I can go and read from time to time. What she said, what was right on target and I appreciate you sharing that with us too.

    I wish you a wonderful New Year and many blessings each and every day!
    I love your blog, Ruthi AND your photographs! You are very talented!!


    1. thanks Dawn! Of course we think Jax is the most beautiful, but it’s sweet that others do too 🙂 and you are right… how could I have had a bad day with him in the house?! So happy you likes Amy’s blog… I love it too! thank you for your kind words… blessings to you in 2011!


  3. Thanks for sharing Ruthi. i think we all get our tinsel in a tangle around the holidays if we’re honest. 🙂 mine is always making sure everyone is happy. which is a tough job. but realizing it;s ok to let everyone be who they are. it’s a lot more relaxing for me. love you


    1. “making everyone happy”… why is it we mothers feel we need to do that. thanks for sharing Patty… glad I am not the only one.


  4. Ruthie, you’re definitely right! We must focus on The One whom it is all about or we’ll miss all the joy; and the little inconveniences of this world are just that and nothing more. I hope I never forget to look at the big picture and remember to be grateful and thankful for all that is so good in my life, the blessings God has given me in abundance, and the things that will remain eternal – like family!!

    (And thanks for linking to Homestead Revival™!)


  5. Dear Ruthi and family,

    I so enjoyed reading your post today and the pictures of your Christmas! We praise God for His blessings on your family and send our love to you.

    Tricia, with family


  6. I figured that you must have had much on your mind & in your heart, since things have been quiet on your blog…. and knew that when it all settled out onto a page full of thoughts & pictures to share with us, that you would eloquently give us something meaningful to think about. I am so thankful for you & the wisdom you share here & on Facebook & so glad that we have found this “new” way to stay in touch. What a wonderful blessing it has been to reconnect with you & your lovely family this year. Love you! 🙂


  7. Thanks for sharing. I always get this overwhelming sense of peace when I read your blogs. Between the beautiful words and the beautiful pictures…thank you Ruthie. I hope you are feeling better. I heard you were in yesterday but I wasn’t there. look forward to seeing you soon. I am so enjoying the beautiful calendar your mom gave me that you made. I use a calendar so much…so I can look at your beautiful pictures all the time.


  8. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of your family, especially those of your mom and dad. It thrills my heart to see them
    and to know how you are living their legacy.


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