a thousand gifts

 Several years ago, I entered an unknown territory called Blogsphere. I was like a kid in a candy shoppe, a builder in home depot, a hunter in Montana. One of the first blogs I ran across was A Holy Experience, written by a woman named Ann Voskamp. I stayed up late reading her words… beautiful lyrical words mingled with her gorgeous photography. Her lifestyle… a homeschooling mom, married to a Dutch farmer living in Canada, was intriguing. I found her blog was a place of inspiration and encouragement… a place that encouraged me to be centered on the important things. My eyes drank in her words and photography and they spoke to my soul, inspiring me to look for the gifts of grace in my ordinary life.

Yesterday, Ann’s book, A Thousand Gifts, was launched. And what a beautiful book it is. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of it in my mailbox! You can order it on Amazon. This book will become a classic. I am sure of it.

If you are not familiar with Ann Voskamp, or her blog,  A Holy Experience, I encourage you to take 4 minutes and watch this video… listen to her words. I am pretty sure you will then take a little trip to her blog.

Thank you Ann for sharing your gift with the world! You inspire!

3 thoughts on “a thousand gifts

  1. A great story of a new beginning for you and a wonderfully prepared video of life and its serenity and the loving memories of family and of God’s creation.


  2. Wow! I am so touched by her words, pictures and her loving voice. Thank you for
    sharing this. I will order her book to give to my daughter for her birthday as she is a
    working mom and time fleets by her.


  3. How can I ever thank you enough for this most wonderful gift (the first on my list, YOU), Ruthi? I ordered it immediately, have already received it and read enough that it’s changing my life. Reading her terminology, practices of worship, distinctive phrasing–it all sounded so very familiar. Exploring “A Holy Experience,” at the bottom of “Meet Ann Voskamp” she states where she worships: Brethren Bible Chapel. My suspicion confirmed. And so the Journey continues … and through you, Ruthi, God has once again brought me “home.” I love you, dear friend.


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