friday favorites

blog post ~ from This is Reverb ~ love what Detzel says about trust, especially this… “Trust is laying down our micromanaging mindsets to allow others to be trustworthy.” Don’t know about you, but that’s hard to do!

video ~

i love the way this father and his daughter interact and when she says “one day I will whistle?” so cute!

quote ~ “a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships are built” and as a friend said about this quote… “it is comfortable, but at the same time frustrating… I really only find true joy and fulfillment when I sail my ship… just wish I could get myself to do it more.”

photos ~ of course I can’t pick just one! love this photo of my baby girl… Veronica you are beautiful!

and this one of Jaxson. He is growing so!


fun thing i did ~ last night Mark and I enjoyed a dinner cruise out on the beautiful Sarasota Bay, compliments of a couple local businesses… one of the rare perks of being in the construction industry.

What a great way to do some networking… with each other 🙂

productive thing i did ~ purged my clothes closet… feels so good!

As you look back over your week, I hope you will see God’s gifts of grace.
And remember… encourage each other!

2 thoughts on “friday favorites

  1. Thanks you Ruthi for sharing. Always good to see your pictures. Veronica is adorable! How fun for you guys to enjoy the dinner cruise. Reminds me of our sail boat excursion when Katie and I were visiting. Thank you so much for the memories.


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