love and commitment

Once upon a time…
a handsome young man and a beautiful young woman fell in love and got married.

Yesterday they celebrated fifty-nine years of marriage…
loving each other for better for worse, in sickness and in health.

Mom set a beautiful table… china, goblets, candles, music and Dad’s favorite take-out dinner from Carrabas. That was alot of effort for Mom to go to… pack it up, take to the nursing home, set it up, pack it up again, take it home. But that’s the kind of woman my Mom is. Commited, loving, giving, creative… amazing. Dad’s a blessed man!

They looked through scrapbooks, reminisced and enjoyed being together.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the wonderful example of true love and commitment you have given to our family.

Happy Anniversary!

p.s. We were so happy that Dad was having a good day, commenting on photos and as you can tell from the photo above, alert and smiling for the camera. He even told Mom thank you as she was leaving.

12 thoughts on “love and commitment

  1. This makes me cry…so beautiful…Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you for being an incredible example of marriage and commitment. Love you both!


  2. Thank you Ruthi for this! It brought tears to my eyes. I am often wondering how your parents are doing with things – I know it must be so hard for both of them. How wonderful that for their anniversay your Dad was having a good day! My love to them both!


  3. Thanks for sharing your great parents 59th Anniversay pictures. I too was brought to tears for the many years of sharing their love with so many people and family. You are truly blessed and may Gods gentle love and mercy be yours and theirs throughout the year.


  4. Oh ruthi ..just like you said ..precious ..and a wonderful outward expression of your Mom’s deep and lasting love for your father ..thank you ruthi and evy !!


  5. Thanks, Ruthi, it is so heartwarming to see them both looking so good. Your mom fixed
    such a beautiful table and I know she got such satisfaction from doing this special meal
    for her sweetheart. I appreciate your sharing this with me.


  6. :-)….warms my heart!!! ~God is so good….he allowed your dad to give your mom the best present ever for their 59th anniversary….”himself”. You can see his happiness (an your moms’ in these pictures)…..awesome! ❤


  7. Happy Anniversary to on of my favorite couples! They are right up there with my folks. Thanks Aunt Evie and Uncle Art for your example of committment.
    nancy mckenzie


  8. Hi Ruthi and readers, You are so good at captureing the moment with your pictures. Thank you for picking up our special take-out Carrabbas meal and helping to feed Dad while I ate. You rarely get any pictures of yourself and I don’t have any to add to your post. You serve behind the scenes, so I just want your readers to know what a great help you are to me. You and Mark are there when I need you. Your weekly dinner visits with your Dad not only helps me by feeding him, but you are staying connected to him as he fades away. Your inspirational sharing is a blessing to me as well.

    Years ago we forgot all about our 8th anniversary because we were prepping for the celebration of an important Birthday. You probably don’t remember that, but it was YOUR first Birthday. Dad and I were so excited that the 26th rolled right on by as we planned a party on the 28th! OOPS! Sorry Ruthi I think I have given away your age if anyone cares to use a calculater. You have brought us as much joy each year as you did on the day of your birth! Happy Belated Comment Birthday! We Love You, MOM


  9. Ruthie, Thank you for sharing your parent’s anniversary in such a heartfelt, artistic way. The way you convey their love (and yours as well) is a challenge to me to be faithful in the little things, then we will know how to be faithful when the difficult challenges come. I do pray for you and know that God will find you a faithful servant.


  10. Don’t check in as often as I should…but WOW… Happy Anniversary (belated) to “THE OLD WARRIOR” and his Lady.
    We love you and thank God for you both.

    Charlie and Norma Jean


  11. Hi Ruthi! I found you! I just love this post. Oh, your mom is so wonderful and I just know your Dad feels it.

    I can’t begin to thank you for reaching out to me this week-end. I can’t wait to see your awesome pictures and to use your beautiful cards. Thanks, dear friend! I look forward to keeping in touch.



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