am i moved?

What was it like so many years ago on that Friday?

What was it like for Mary, Jesus’ mother?

I can’t even imagine?

And for his friends and disciples?

Been reflecting a lot about Easter lately.

It’s not about easter bunnies, fancy dresses, three-course dinners, or jelly beans.

It is about my sin in a broken world and what God did to redeem, forgive and restore.

How can I not be moved or at least take a few moments to think about the reason we celebrate this “holiday”?

There have been lots of videos made to this song by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans.

This one has helped me reflect on God’s great love and sacrifice for us.

{you will be redirected to YouTube. don’t have time to figure it out. sorry.}

{UPDATED after posting: guess you have to sign-in to YouTube in order to view it because of the content. But it is a great song and the video is taken from the Passion of Christ. The song is New Again by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans. sorry again.}

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