March Madness Explained!

I have been waiting FOR EVER to “publish” this post! And…

So remember my March Madness posts 1, 2 and 3? I guess it’s time to share the rest of the story…

On the first day of spring Mike and Veronica celebrated their seventh anniversary. Spring is all about new life, which takes me back to the first day of March… remember Veronica’s birthday. Well, I could not show you all the photos. I had to save them until today. Take a peek…

Figured it out yet?
Well, the photographer, instead of saying “say cheese” while she took the photo, shared some very exciting news…

Yes, you read that correctly!


Now go back and look at the photos again… priceless!
Squeals and tears of joy.
Now go back one more time and look at Jaxson’s face…
poor guy… i think we may have scarred him for life!

But here is my favorite photo of the day…

Veronica and her treasured friend since elementary school, Jacky. So much emotion… PURE JOY!

We are all beyond excited… we have prayed for this for so very long and God has answered our prayers!

So there is more to the story. Can you handle it? Not sure if I can!

It goes back to the day before Valentines Day. Veronica had not been feeling well, sick with a cold. So after church I made her some chicken soup. I asked Mark if he was going with me and he said no. As I grabbed my purse to head out I noticed I had a text message from Veronica asking if Dad would come because they had something they wanted to run by us. So on the way out to their place we were wondering what in the world they wanted to do to their townhouse now. They had just redone their kitchen. When we arrived they gave us each a valentines gift bag and this is what happened…

sorry… couldn’t figure out how to rotate the video.

and no, two jars of baby food does not mean twins!

Congratulations Mike and Veronica! God is so good! And you are so loved.

Enough for now…
I’m exhausted just from reliving it all and sharing such wonderful news!
My cup overflows!

12 thoughts on “March Madness Explained!

  1. I am so absolutely thrilled for you all! This is AWESOME!!!!! I can feel the joy and excitement that V & M are feeling – and you all! We’ll be praying for a healthy mommy and baby!! When’s the due date? or did you say already? 🙂


  2. Ruthi!! What wonderful praiseworthy news!!!! So happy for ALL of you!! Your excitement shines thru in this post!! I watched the video of you and mark finding out the news. Priceless!! I know you are sooo overjoyed! Wonderful !! Wonderful!!!! Congratulations!


    1. It is indeed praiseworthy news Dawn! And we parise God every day for his gift! The video is pretty funny… I was in shock… didn’t even suspect it!


  3. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! My daughter and her husband went 7 yrs. before their first and
    oh, how I prayed. What rejoicing when the Lord answers the prayers of our hearts. Now, I
    will be praying for a successful pregnancy and a playmate for Jaxson.


  4. Ruthi, It has been difficult to keep this wonderful news quiet! We are overjoyed with Mike and Veronica. We know the feeling – SEVEN years we waited for our baby and she was a treasured answer to prayer too, but you know that Ruthi for it was YOU! God is wise and good and knows the desires of our hearts. We pray for the safe arrival of a healthy baby in October. I am so tickled to see your excitement and joy of being a Nana again.
    We love you all, Mom & Dad, Grandma Evy & Grandpa Art


  5. Congratulations! I am thrilled for all of you. Looking forward to your updates. I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.


  6. Oh Ruthi…I have happy tears streaming down my face…..thanks for sharing…the video was priceless…..doing the happy dance with you and praising our Lord!!! So so so excited for you!!! I love you.


  7. Ruthi – how wonderful – please tell Veronica how happy I am for her – and how I understand the longing………….we pray it goes well…………………


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