hello Monday

Just found out that our son-in-law, Mike has an interview for the Program Manager position at Sarasota County Technical Institute on Thursday at 8am. God tells us in His Word to present our requests to Him. {Phil 4} So will you join with us in asking God to bless Mike and Veronica with this opportunity? It would be a wonderful thing with a brand new baby boy on the way. Thank you ♥

We had Dad’s care plan meeting the other day. Mom and I both came out of it thinking it was the best one yet. Mainly because Dad was able to get a brand new Broda chair. Remember back two years ago when Dad had to go live in a nursing facility, and the trouble we had with getting the right chair for him? He has been in a Broda chair and it fit him well, but it was old and very hard to push and steer and constantly having to go to maintenance. We were asked in the meeting how it was working and Mom gave the same reply as always… that it was hard to steer, etc. Well, something must of changed because Dad’s new hospice nurse said she could get him a new one. Everyone, including the facility’s staff said in unison, “you can?!”. And miracles upon miracles the very next day he had a brand new silver and black Broda chair that can turn on a dime! Cadillac, I tell ya! We are all (Mom, me, CNAs and staff) delighted! Can’t you just see Mom doing the happy dance down the hall?! 🙂 love you, Mom!

Been thinking about this verse alot lately… “listen for God’s voice in everything you do & everywhere you go; He’s the one that will keep you on track” {Proverbs 3:6}. Yes He is the one that will keep me on the right track! I am thankful for that!

Read this post over the weekend and loved it so that I want to pass it along. So go and enjoy reading Emily’s words at Chatting at the Sky!

5 thoughts on “hello Monday

  1. It’s amazing how something as simple as a chair can make such a difference in the quality of a life. Hooray for this hospice worker! I bet you were all doing a little happy dance when she brought that chair in!

    I’ll be praying for Mike, too.


  2. Praise God for the new chair; I can picture your mom dancing down the hallway and rejoice with her. I will be delighted to pray for Mike’s interview…need to remember to be praying at 7 am our time. What a wonderful gift this would be for all of them




  3. I am rejoicing even in a simple thing as a chair! I am so delighted with the ease of driving this Cadillac that I have to watch my speed! Don’t want to get a ticket doing my happy dance. The old Broda was SO difficult to push and maneuver and always getting out of alignment. But I was building up my biceps!

    Thank you to all of Ruthi’s reader for your comments of encouragement and for your prayers. God does answer in surprising ways! Evy for Art too


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