where did August go?

I have not had time to do much blogging lately.
We have been busy living life…

enjoyed a weekend with Jaxson and his parents
tried my hand at a little subway art... and LOVED it!
found this at a friend's yard sale... i think the grands will like it don't you?
Mom and I have planted our fall/winter garden... looking forward to a winter full of fresh vegis... oh the benefit of living in Florida!
Jaxson took his first plane ride to Myrtle Beach SC on the tails of Hurricane Irene
and had a good time.
a little fabric love and...
my 34 year old friend have been up to something because...

Be blessed!

13 thoughts on “where did August go?

  1. A blogging friend in Winnipeg said once that blogging was for winter time when it was too cold to be out. She enjoyed the outdoors so much during the months when snow was piled high that she didn’t blog much.
    I love your photos and all your activities. Jaxson gets cuter all the time. When is Veronica’s baby due? I know you can hardly wait.


    1. you would think that would be true for me in the hot humid months of summer… more time for blogging. But this summer we are busy preparing for grandbaby #2 who is due mid-Oct. Thanks Bev for your words.


  2. Loved this blog! The picture of Veronica is beautiful! I know you are just bursting with anticipation for the new grandchild! The picture of Jaxson on the beach is great too. Did the girls (I am so old, see how I called them that?) go to Myrtle Beach together? Did you make up the saying on the picture? It reminded me of the beautiful song that Lauren Alaina sang on American Idol after she went home to see the destruction tornadoes had caused there while she was away filming – you know the one?
    Love you much my cousin! Very excited for all the good this month has in store for you!


    1. No “the girls” did not go to MB together… the pic of V is here. I doubt whether I come up with anything original… I think I saw or heard “a great joy is coming” somewhere. I love Lauren Alaina’s song “Anyway”… loved it when Martina McBride sang it too. Goes along with the Mother Theresa quote I used for my subway art. hugs


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