ready and waiting

Life has been very full. Do I say that often?! Lately we have been busy preparing for the arrival of our second grandson. Veronica is 39 weeks today… so it could be anytime! Every day I ask myself if I were to get “THE” phone call right now, would I be ready?  Laundry is caught up, frig and pantry are stocked (boy! that cost an arm and a leg!), sewing projects are done, and plans are thought through. I had something on my list to do tonight, but when I sat at the desk, my heart was drawn to photos and music. There really is nothing quite like the marriage of those two that centers me, reminds me what is important. What’s important is the gift of a human life, the long awaited answer to a prayer, the miracle of a baby growing in the womb, the joy of watching your daughter become a mother, the blessing of family and friends celebrating this journey.

So I pushed my to-do list aside and put a little slideshow together.

Here’s to the past nine months, Mike and Veronica. I love you! You are going to be amazing parents! My candle is waiting to be lit.

Sweet Baby Boy, you won’t believe how much love there is ready to be poured out on you!
xoxo Nana

{Music by Jake Shimabukuro: Beat Of My Heart and Wish On My Star}

7 thoughts on “ready and waiting

  1. Ruthie, this is absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing Mother and an even more amazing grandmother! What a gift this slideshow is for Veronica and Mike!!! You are extremely talented. You have told an extraordinary story through these pictures. In this instance, pictures speak louder than any words!!! You are indeed blessed, my friend! So happy for all of you! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the birth-day boy!!! YOU ROCK AT THIS!!! 🙂


  2. Veronica has never looked more beautiful. I have a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart. SO excited and happy for all of you! ❤


  3. How radiant and lovely is the gift of life in Veronica! You portray it so beautifully, Ruthi. You have captured in pictures what we see when Mike and Veronica are not on camera. We are so proud of and so happy for them! This baby boy, no doubt already feels the love that surrounds him. We can hardly wait for his appearance “on camera”. I have my candle ready – and my prayers are going up for the happy couple for a safe delivery of their precious boy.
    Love you much! Mom, Grandma Evy, for Dad, Grandpa Art too.


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