teach us to pray

Much has been said about Friday’s tragedy.  Too much probably and I include myself in that. What would it look like if instead we turned off our TV, ignored our social media, loved those around us and prayed? What if my initial response was prayer. Prayer for my grandchildren, for the culture they are growing up in and for those who right now are walking along a very dark road. Shine your Light Lord Jesus. We need you so. Teach us to pray.

5 thoughts on “teach us to pray

  1. Thank you Ruthi for this reminder, after all prayer is the only thing we can do. What a terrible tragedy. God is in control.


  2. I agree, and that is what I did….prayed and ignored the social media as much as possible….the Lord says to focus on Him, that He goes before us in all things, and I believe He was with these little ones as they entered Heaven, with great joy….these are the times that test our faith, but it is our faith that keeps us strong in the Lord, who is our strength always in all ways.


  3. Dear Ruthi,

    It is early Friday AM here in Japan. My week is winding down but I have to get ready for Christmas Sunday… to me the Christmas season seems more hectic this year. Since our adult service outgrew their building, we had to move but the only suitable building we found was a 30-40 minute walk away. It has lots of parking area but was too far for the SS kids (most left for SS while their parents slept in!) As a result the only SS students are Christian home kids whose parents make sure they get to church.

    Anyway because Christmas day is a regular work day, we will have a Christmas eve service and later is the week a Christmas dinner for 22 pastors and fellow missionaries who minister in BBF churches in the Osaka/Kyoto area.

    Well this got longer than I had planned. Have a blessed holiday and ministry in 2013.

    In Christian love, Ellen King


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