Christmas 2012

budget christmas tree

Christmas this year was a quiet one. Somewhat subdued. We were unable to be all together this year and this was the first year since Dad left. We purposed to keep things simple out of desire and necessity and managed to do so. We are thinking we may just get a little table top budget friendly tree again next year!

mark & jaxson

amber and kids

with the grands

jaxson & evelyn

jaxson & evelyn

mark & jaxson

sketching of Dad

A couple of weeks before Christmas we enjoyed a wonderful weekend with Amber, Jesse, Jaxson and Evelyn. Oh what fun Jaxson was this year! At two and a half the wonder and magic of Christmas was so sweet to watch. And Evelyn is just the sweetest angel. We cherish the time we spent with them. Their gift to me was an incredible pencil sketching of Dad made by a friend of theirs. AMAZING!

beautiful lady





joshua & veronica

reichman family


Christmas eve we celebrated Mom’s birthday with a family dinner. Isn’t she beautiful! Our home was filled with joy having Joshua and his parents here. Love waking up on Christmas morning knowing there is a child in the house. Joshua is constant motion which makes it nearly impossible to get a good photo of him, so I included one from Thanksgiving which is when he was a long-haired little hippie freak. He has the cutest little smile that will melt your heart. Now he looks like a big boy. Amber and Jesse also gave Mom a sketching by their friend. This one is in ink and the detail is amazing.

joy to the world

So here we are nearing the end of 2012. Many thoughts as we review and reflect. Maybe I can come back and share. In the meantime I want to wish you all a blessed new year and express my appreciation for your love, support and prayers for our family.

9 thoughts on “Christmas 2012

  1. What wonderful and thoughtful Christmas/Birthday presents of your Dad. The grandchildren are ADORABLE. I have to share what you have to look forward to…as the family was opening gifts on Christmas Eve, Great Grandma had bought a puzzle maze plastic box that you could put money or gift cards in. You had to figure out the maze to get to the prize. My 7 year old grandson was the first to open it and after looking at it and seeing a $5.00 bill exclaimed “OH! Crap”! Out of the mouths of babes…the whole room cracked up with laughter. I wish your family many blessings and peace in the New Year. Hugs my friend.


  2. the close up shot of Evie, is one of the most beautiful of her i think that i have ever seen !!!
    thank your for sharing each and every one !!
    may be know peace on earth .. and.. goodwill to man ..
    i think that 2013 is going to be amazing ..
    i love you all


  3. This was a wonderful example of how the chapters of our life unfold. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when Amber and Veronica were just little girls, Art and Evi were pillars of the church, and you and Mark were making memories with the young marrieds at Calvary? I thought about all of that kind of memory this morning as I was sitting in Calvary Baptist Church at Jim Forssell’s Memorial Service. I thank God for all the blessings of past and future chapters too. God is so good.


    1. Yes it does seem like yesterday. Life marches on doesn’t it. I was dissappointed not to make Mr Forssell’s memorial service. I heard it was special. God is good and I am thankful for you Ruth.


  4. I always love seeing your pictures and reading your thoughts, and I was not disappointed here. What lovely gifts were given to you and your mom. Those drawings are beautiful. Won’t it be glorious when we are all together again.


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