March and April 2013

march april 2013

march april 2013

Here, on the west coast of Florida, February through March are such delightful months, giving us reason to enjoy the outdoors before the heat and humidity of summer. King’s Farm is one place we love to spend time, whether just to see Bubba, the donkey or to pick yummy blueberries and peaches. Mark and I were given the gift of a Table to Farm dinner at Kings and it was such a wonderful experience that it deserves it’s own blog post… one day maybe. Our beautiful weather also means that friends and family come to visit and we love it when they do! Mom’s sister and brother-in-law came for a week and we had fun playing tourist with them.

As you can see the Grand Trio is growing up so fast. They each add so much to our family. Their unique personalities constantly amaze me and teach me so much. My heart is full.

Looks like I am slowly catching up here… hopefully I will be back soon.

2 thoughts on “March and April 2013

  1. Love the photos Ruthi! I’ve missed them… but being too busy to post them means your life has been full these first months of 2013… and that is something to be thankful for! P.S. I absolutely LOVE Evelyn’s expression in the top photo. What joy!


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