the joy a new life brings

Emma Naomi Reichman
July 13, 2013
6 lbs. 12 oz.

One week ago, sweet little Emma (whole, complete) Naomi (pleasant, delightful) wiggled her way into our family’s heart. She completes (at least for now?) our family and has most definitely brought us much delight. For her great grandparents, David & Sylvia, she rounds off their great grandchildren to 20! And I like to think that in heaven, my dad and Mark’s mom got together with some angels to celebrate this precious new life as well. This past week has been filled to overflowing with joy. Thank you for praying. God answered all of our prayers. It’s hard to find fitting words to express it all.  So it comes as no surprise that the photos and music in the video below give us a better glimpse into the story of this amazing event in the life of our family.

We praise God, giving Him all the glory.

Every good and perfect gift does indeed come from Him… pressed down and overflowing.

{On the way from my computer to this blog my slideshow videos get a little blurry. Not sure why and too much life to live to spend time figuring it out. You still got a glimpse… blurry but a glimpse.}

13 thoughts on “the joy a new life brings

  1. I finally had a minute to look at your video – at home, where I could cry the happy tears I knew it would bring! What a perfect little miracle she is – just like all the rest of those precious angels! Your photos do an amazing job of capturing everyone’s personality & beauty. What a treasure to have that ability to preserve the heart of these moments for the future. Love & hugs to you and all the family!


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